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Favorite Season 4 ‘Gossip Girl’ Moments

Favorite Season 4 ‘Gossip Girl’ Moments

As we get ready for a brand new season of Gossip Girl, we can’t help but to reminiscent on our favorite Season 4 moments! (Namely anything to do with Chuck and Blair, right?!)

My favorite moment was in the season finale when Chuck decides to let Blair go be with the Prince. I think this symbolized a turning point for Chair shippers. Chuck is finally growing up, and he’s putting Blair’s happiness first – something we haven’t seen before.

I have to say that I really enjoyed the Blair-focused episodes at the end of Season 4. I was getting so tired and annoyed with Serena that I can honestly say it was nice to have a break. I’m sure Season 5 will have us back to the world of crazy Van der Woodsen scandal, but until then I’m content focusing on our favorite Manhattan brunette now that the DVDs are out!

In promotion of the Season 4 DVD release, we wanted to ask fans what their favorite Season 4 moments were? Was in a Chair or Dair moment? Or do you ship another couple entirely? Sound off below in our comment section!

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Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote Gossip Girl Season 4 on DVD.

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  1. I cried so much when Chuck let Blair go, but I agree that it was a big turning point for him and for CB together. 🙁

    I think my favorite scene overall, though, was when he picked her up in 4.08 and carried her up the stairs. It made me think of their future wedding.

  2. Without a doubt the 4.08 CB fireplace scene, so much love, friendship, passion, tenderness. LOVED it so much!! They could be so happy. But then there’s the I love you’s in 4.09. Also, the ending CB scenes that make me cry like a baby!! Anything CB tbh LOL

  3. My favorite scene was the one where Serena comes in Blair’s room and Blair is being “pleasured” by Chuck under the covers but Serena has no clue and neither did the audience. Then at the end of the scene Chuck pops out from under the covers, Blair says, “This has got to end.” and Chuck says, “I thought it just did”. Really fun and sexy moment.

  4. Favorite scene of S4 was definitely the sexy CB scene in 4×09! So effing hot, I can’t even stand it. I loved their goodbye in 4×22, though, even though it was super sad.

  5. Definitely the train scene with Chuck and Blair. They love each other but can’t say it because of the past. It’s heartbreaking but so well acted and shot.

  6. Having to choose only one Chair scene is tough to say the least. Hmmm, I will have to go with the scene where Chuck and Blair were “friends with benefits” and helped each other with their business plans while they were undressing each other in the mean time. That is how I always pictured them as a couple. Sexy, supportive and engaging in a witty banter.

  7. LOVED the bar mitzvah scene in 4×22. I think it truly showed how amazing Chuck and Blair can be when they are happy, and it has good prospects for Season 5!!

  8. I love all CB moments. I wish s4 had more episodes like 4×08 and 4×09. I didn’t like the second half of the season that much

  9. I teared up during the Train Station scene and Chair letting go of each other in the finale. Two great scenes. But I really liked the Chair scenes from 4.09 as well.

  10. I loved the scene just after Chuck declares war on Blair, with Serena and Blair hugging, I’m also a big fan of pretty much all the sexy/scheming/’pie’-eating CB before the Saints and Sinners party.

  11. My favorite scenes are the CB ones lol 4.02, sexy piano scene 4.07, end of 4.08, the hot make out 4.09, their I do(s) and I love you(s) 4.09, their good bye scene 4.22 always make me sob every time I rewatch it lol, can’t help it, I love angst

  12. Easy- Blair catching Chuck in her purple robe in 4.08….hilarious LOL plus I love Chuck trying to give Dorota evil eyes in order to extract information ROTFL

    But in terms of acting and what compelled me: I definitely thought the best acted scenes on the show to date where Chuck and Blair’s scenes in 4.02 and 4.22. Increadible. I also really love Serena and Blair’s make up after their fountain fight in 4.02, Lilly tell Chuck she loves him in 4.03, and telling Chuck he was his father’s legacy in 4.17. I also really loved the NJBC go gangster on Juliet in 4.08! They rock.

  13. So hard to choose just one CB scene! But I’ll go for the balcony scene in 4.09. Loved how vulnerable Chuck was in telling Blair he still loved her “with all [his] heart”. Loved how cute and happy Blair was as she told him she felt the same way. Loved their passionate screw-everyone-let’s-make-out kiss. Fantastic scene!

  14. Tough to choose but I’ll have to go for the train station scene in 4.02. Exquisitely directed and acted, and incredibly moving. It felt like a big sign from the producers – Chuck and Blair are the gorgeous, frustrating, entertaining heart of the show, and that isn’t going to change.

  15. All Chuck and Blair scenes are epic but if I have to choose among all I can say one of them..its the scene from 4×09 where Chuck and Blair declares their love to each other and Chuck offers ‘what do you say we go up the flames together’ then they kiss in front of everyone without thinking about KC or Anna Archibald.This was so sexy passionate and intense.

  16. I love all of those scenes too, but I also love the one where Chuck tells Blair he is cold can barely feel his fingers; Blair tells him she is hot and is going to tell Darakota(sp) to tell the air up!


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