E3 2014: The Order: 1886 has a release date, new trailer

One of the PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusives finally has a release date. The Order: 1886 will hit all territories simultaneously on February 20th, 2015. As per usual these days, pre-orders at participating retailers will net you some exclusive dlc costumes and weapons. There is also a collectors edition that comes in $80 and $150 varieties. Not surprising for veterans of major PlayStation exclusives – you’ll find the usual statues, art booklets, and trinkets in the images below.


Finally, The Order: 1886 also received a new gameplay demo during Sony’s E3 Press Conference. The trailer features both gameplay and cinematics, and revolves around the main character being chased by a new enemy, a humanoid werewolf. The werewolf design is interesting in that it combines both the rabid instincts and feeding habits of an animal with the speech and logic of a human, making him a tough adversary. He also takes a lot of bullet damage. A LOT. Below you’ll find the gameplay demo at 31:37, as well as a cinematic trailer for the game.



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