E3 2014: Final Fantasy Type-0 finally coming to North America as a remaster for PS4 and Xbox One

Fans rejoice! The long awaited Final Fantasy Type-0 is finally coming to the West – but not as one would expect. The game originally released on the PlayStation Portable in Japan in late 2011. Fans expected the game’s North American release to follow shortly after the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection arrived with praise from critics. But it never came.

Square Enix’s Senior Product Manager, Sakura Minimida, announced via the PlayStation Blog that the game will be remastered in HD and released on both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately for fans clamoring for a portable version, the game will not be available for the PlayStation Portable or the PlayStation Vita. No further details were provided. We’ll update you when we know more about the release window, potential upgrades, etc.

Unfortunately, someone botched the title of the original announcement, giving fans hope for a Vita version for a fleeting moment. That certainly would have been some wind in the sails of the struggling handheld, wouldn’t it? Fans took to the PlayStation Blog announcement to voice their displeasure and campaign for a Vita version. Square isn’t normally one to bend to the will of their fans, but they’re bringing the game here, aren’t they? Make your voice heard!


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