There’s a ‘True Blood’ Musical in the Works…

Brace your necks everyone…True Blood is heading to the stage as a musical.

The horror series, based on the books by Charlaine Harris and starring Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, comes to an end this year after seven seasons, but composer Nathan Barr plans to revive the show by re-imagining it as a theater production.

Barr, who has scored all seven seasons of True Blood, reveals Moyer helped him pitch the idea of a musical to network bosses and creator Alan Ball, and he hopes to have put together the bulk of the stage show within a year.

He tells The Hollywood Reporter, “This was something that I pitched to (network) HBO and Alan Ball. I think we’re really going to try to return to the roots of the show… There’s no guarantees (that it will end up on Broadway). But I think the direction we’re heading in is really exciting.”

What are your thoughts on a True Blood musical?

Photo Credit: HBO


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