‘Resurrection’ Season 1 DVD Review: A Sentimental Sci-Fi Drama


ABC’s Resurrection concluded its first season this year and was renewed for a second. The show revolves around a phenomena that’s occurring in the town of Arcadia, Missouri. When a little, long-dead boy strangely and miraculously shows up alive and well at his parents’ front door, at the same age he was when he died, it spurs a wealth of feelings in the town. When more and more deceased relatives begin to show up after him, the town begins to have conflicted feelings about the how and why.

The show is based on the Jason Mott novel The Returned, but the series doesn’t mimic the book too closely. Resurrection keeps each of the characters tightly woven together through an active investigation which is being carried out by Martin Bellamy and Maggie Langston – who (as you probably predicted) have the requisite possibility of romance glistening in the background. It’s a proven formula that has worked for many primetime shows (ex. Bones), so you can’t blame ABC for following the mentality of, “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.”

I was initially attracted to this series when I heard it was going to be filming a few miles away from FanBolt’s offices here in Atlanta, but when I checked out the pilot last summer on ABC’s press site – I instantly found myself in love with the series. It was a unique concept (despite the aforementioned romance) that made for a great pilot, but I was unsure how the rest of the series would unfold. I ended up appreciating the fast-paced speed of the series and the overall complexity of the mystery deepening as the episodes progressed. It’s another one of those shows that will always present the viewer with more questions than it can ever logically answer, but hey, I watched Lost, I don’t mind that so much.

The Resurrection Season 1 DVD has plenty of bonus features to keep fans engaged even after they’ve finished the series, including:

  • A “Resurrection: Building A Mystery” segment where the stars of the show share  their own theories about the show’s mystery.
  • An “On Location in Georgia” piece where filmmakers and cast members reflect on the state where Resurrection is produced.
  • Finally, “Bloopers” and “Deleted Scenes”, because those are always fun to watch!

Ultimately, Resurrection appeals to me because of the simple question it poses to viewers – If a lost loved one showed up and wanted to pick right back up as if nothing had happened… what would you do? It’s an interesting concept to ponder… and one that this series does quite well.

Season 1 is available now on DVD – be sure to pick it up and catch up before the new season starts up!

Grade: B

Photo Credit: ABC


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