‘The Lego Movie’ DVD Review: Everything Is Awesome

The Lego Movie seemed to come out of nowhere earlier this year. Everyone who saw it instantly fell in love with it. They raved about the story, the animation, the humor… that extremely catchy song that no one could get out of their heads. To sum it up, everything was awesome about this film to the fans!

The Lego Movie follows Emmet (voiced by Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Chris Pratt) an extremely average Lego mini-figure who is accidentally drafted into a fellowship of strangers on a mission to save the world, after being misidentified as the most extraordinary person in the world and the key to saving it.

The look and feel of the film should fall in line with the expectations of fans. The movement of the characters has an intentional blockiness to it. Whether it’s turbulent waters carrying a pirate ship or a raging fire that the characters are dealing with – it’s done so in a way that stays true to the landscape. Everything is made from Legos – literally everything. It’s visually stunning.

What I probably loved most though was all the high profile characters that made an appearance. Whether it was Batman or Green Lantern… Superman or Gandalf… Wonder Woman or Dumbledore… or even the Star Wars characters – Warner Brothers didn’t hold back with the cameos, and their interactions were beyond comical – they truly made the film.

Voices you may recognize in the cast include Will Ferrell, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Charlie Day, Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Jonah Hill and Morgan Freeman as Lego God.

The Blu-ray DVD came with some cool extras, including an actual Lego God minifigure, as well as a portrait of Emmet to place wherever people keep their Lego portraits. There are special features on the disc as well, like “Dream Job: Meet the Lego Builders,” Bringing Lego To Life,” where you can get a brick’s eye view of Emmet’s adventures, an ” ‘Everything is Awesome’ Sing-Along” and much more!

Overall, the film is great for the little ones, but it also holds something truly special for those of us that grew up playing with Legos. As we get older, we try to make the things we do in life perfect- from our work to our personal lives. Sometimes though, it’s a beautiful reminder to look at the imagination and wonderment of the children around us – and just remind ourselves that creativity is more valuable than perfection.

Grade: A+

Photo Credit: Warner Brothers


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