Blair Redford Talks The Mid-Season Finale Of ‘The Lying Game’!

Tonight is the mid-season finale of ABC Family’s The Lying Game! Those who watch know that there is a lot to be excited for! Recently, FanBolt spoke with The Lying Game star, Blair Redford. Redford plays the charming bad boy, Ethan Whitehorse. Throughout the season, Ethan has helped Emma and Sutton (Alexandra Chando) with their search for their birth mother. In the beginning, he was dating Sutton, but as he spent more time with Emma, he started to fall for her. Doesn’t the saying go, hell hath no fury like a scorned Sutton? Close?

FANBOLT: With Sutton’s return, do Emma and Ethan have anything to fear?

BLAIR REDFORD: Yes, I think they’re both on bad terms with Sutton right now. So, sky’s the limit as far as how far Sutton will go to wreak some havoc on their lives.

FANBOLT: In the last episode, Ethan said that he would follow Emma anywhere, do you think that’s realistic?

BLAIR REDFORD: Yes, I do. I think they have a pretty close bond at this point, and I think you have to keep in mind that Ethan doesn’t have too much going on for him in Phoenix as it is. I mean, there’s not a whole lot anchoring him down to stay in that town. His happiness is where Emma is at this point.

FANBOLT: In the last episode, Emma says the line, ‘No girl wants to be a drooling idiot when it’s her first time.” Will that subject be brought up again in the finale? And do you think Ethan will be ‘the one’?

BLAIR REDFORD: Yeah, I think that subject will be brought up later in the season. I don’t know where they’re going to go as far as Emma’s first time. I’m sure that’s what Ethan wants, but I personally don’t have any knowledge on how that’s going to turn out.

FANBOLT: What would you like to see for your character in the future?

BLAIR REDFORD: I’d like to see a little more details surface about Ethan’s past. Maybe why he is, the way he is. Maybe color in a little bit more of the history regarding his brother, and perhaps their parents. I’ve been curious as to why Ethan lives with his brother, and the two of them are on their own. Yeah, definitely some details surfacing about his history.

FANBOLT: Most of your scenes have been with Alexandra Chando, if you could choose, who would you like your character to interact with in the back end of the season?

BLAIR REDFORD: I wouldn’t mind doing some more work with Adrian (Alec Rybak). We’ve had a few scenes together, but we don’t really exchange any dialogue. He just hits me in the face, and I throw him up against the counter. I like Adrian’s work, and I think it would be fun to do some scenes with him.

FANBOLT: What has been your favorite scene to film this season, and why?

BLAIR REDFORD: The one that comes to mind is the scene where I got to knock Travis out, the pervy foster brother. Our stunt guy who works on the show, he’s really cool, he kind of let me come up with the choreography for that. I like doing my own stunts, so it was nice the way it worked out, and it was something different. I mean, it’s not too common on our show, but a little action sequence. It’s nice to have that along the way.

FANBOLT: We hear that there’s a party in the next episode, is there anything you can spill about that?

BLAIR REDFORD: I’ll say that there is a party, and there’s, in my opinion, a ridiculous birthday cake at the party. It’s ridiculous, that’s all I have to say.

FANBOLT: My last question is, have you started filming the back end of the season yet?

BLAIR REDFORD: No, I’m in Los Angeles right now, and we’re returning later this month. I believe we start shooting again on the 26th. So, that will be the start of episode 11.

Don’t miss the mid-season finale of The Lying Game! Tonight, 8/7c on ABC Family!


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  1. Come on Blair, give Ethan a little more credit. He seems mature and sincere enough to not be too concerned about de-flowering her. Sure, he wouldn’t mind it and probably feel flattered, but I don’t think he’d care if he didn’t or at least wasn’t anytime soon.