Assassin’s Creed Unity: Modern day setting will not be in Abstergo offices

In a recent interview that Ubisoft Montreal’s senior producer, Vincent Pontbriant had with gamesTM magazine, it was confirmed that the modern day sections of Assassin’s Creed Unity would not be set in the Abstergo Entertainment offices of the last game, Black Flag.

In Black Flag, the modern day gameplay switched dramatically from controlling Desmond in the third person, to controlling a nameless, speechless and totally random Abstergo Entertainment employee who was tasked with searching through memories of the pirate Edward Kenway to find anything of note to put in their “movie adaptation.” Now it seems with Assassin’s Creed Unity, things are changing once again.

Gone are the days of exploring this sweet office space from Black Flag. New modern day adventures await.

According to Pontbriant, you the player will be the pilot of the animus. At some point during the beginning of the game, the player is contacted by the Assassin Order to search through the memories of Arno, that will apparently tie into the events of the present day. Whatever we’ll be searching for exactly remains a mystery, but I’ve got a feeling it’s another shiny, nifty new “piece of Eden.”

It’s also going to be interesting to find out how exactly the Assassin Order convinces a seemingly unimportant character (yeah that’s right, I’m talking about you), to strap into a device and relive the one of the bloodiest periods of human history, in an attempt to gain an advantage in a hidden war that’s been raging for centuries. Maybe Shaun will be involved in the persuasion process. He always knows what to say.


According to gamesTM, Ubisoft has promised to release more details about the often under-appreciated modern day storyline of Assassin’s Creed Unity. Until then let’s keep the hype train going with your predictions in the comments below, or on Twitter @FrancisFlisiuk and @FanBolt.


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