HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset: Makes Gaming More Stylish

The HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset from Kingston does a wonderful job of making gamers feel like they spent their money wisely upon the opening of the box. It comes nicely packaged in a smooth black box that has silver writing on the inside, which includes a note from the creators of the headset. I usually don’t care about how a headset is packaged, but it’s so noticeable that it makes a difference.

The box is definitely stylish, which represents the headphones perfectly as they are gorgeous looking with leather and aluminum construction. I really haven’t cared about the appearance of headphones previously, but these opened my eyes to what I should be expecting from a nice pair of headphones. Once again, the HyperX Cloud really makes the gamer feel as if they spent far more on them than the actual price that they cost ($80).

Appearance isn’t everything though as most importantly these are meant to please the ears more than the eyes. The comfort factor is definitely present as I could wear these for hours and hours and not have an issue with them. They fit real well without providing much pressure on the ears at all, and gamers will appreciate the soft padded leather with memory foam on the ear cups. It’s so comfy! Plus, they also come with two different types of ear pads for those who prefer one style over another.


Stylish and comfortable describes the HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset perfectly, and ideal sounding should also describe this headset. They don’t have an overpowering sound, especially with the bass, which is what most companies try to do with their headsets. This is a good thing though as I don’t need an obnoxious rumble in my ears during gameplay, the type of rumbling that sounds more distorted than clear. These aren’t set for a strong bass, but instead they are made for an ideal all around sound quality that allows players to hear every element of gameplay more distinctively.

I also like listening to music on gaming headphones so I can hear just how good they sound in all functionalities. The HyperX Cloud passes as a good headset for players when listening to all their favorite music. They can easily be taken away from home as the microphone can be removed from the headset, and it also comes with a cord that allows players to hook the audio and microphone cords into one single audio jack. Plus, the cord isn’t long, so it’s easy to take on the road.

I’m very impressed by Kingston’s HyperX Cloud Pro Gaming Headset as it meets all the requirements for being worthy of accompanying players on their gaming adventures. Good sound, great comfort, and incredibly stylish looks. $80 bucks on Amazon.com will feel like a steal!


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