‘Teen Wolf’ Episode 4.02 Recap and Review: 117


Another week, another fantastic episode of Teen Wolf! This week, we were treated with major Young Derek (Ian Nelson) feels! Let’s be honest here, Young Derek is now being shipped with Stiles (Dylan O’brien), Lydia (Holland Roden), and maybe a little bit of *cougar* Kate (Jill Wagner). As the gang tried to maneuver around the totally awkward Derek situation by hiding the truth about the Hale family fire and enlisting the help of resident “satan in a v-neck” Peter (Ian Bohen), Lydia unknowingly unleashed her Banshee abilities to find a disgustingly gruesome gas station bathroom. As if that wasn’t traumatizing enough (SO much blood), the audience is properly introduced to the creature that scratched Malia (Shelley Hennig) last week… Berserkers! And if the berserkers weren’t berserk enough (I apologize for the horrendous pun), an unknown individual swooped in during the final minutes to commit one hell of a heist… $117 million has been stolen from the Hale family and there’s not much to say about that except for the fact that they should have invested in an actual bank?

Dr. Deaton (Seth Gillian) knows his fair share of supernatural secrets and I’m pretty sure his Doctorate has a side note that says “specializes in attractive supernatural beings” but even young Derek had him at a complete loss. Lydia opts to stay with Deaton as they try to figure out how Derek’s current state is even possible while the remainder of the gang (being Stiles, Scott, Kira, and Malia) decide to head to a place more foreign to them than Mexico… Beacon Hills High! Oh, and side note: Scott’s absentee father is now crashing on the couch and trying to show his fatherly authority and although he’s attractive, I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Back to Deaton, Derek, and Lydia. Derek and Lydia feels ensue while she holds his hand while Deaton runs tests, but that’s all thrown out the window when he wakes up and backhands poor Deaton across the room and runs away. Is it just me, or are you hoping that Derek and Lydia might happen. I mean, if we can’t have Stydia…? Regardless, Derek is off and on the search for his family. Since he is young Derek, that means that he has no recollection of the Hale fire that killed his family (excluding Cora and Peter). Derek figures out that his house is now a construction sight, and it doesn’t help when two police officers make their way over. Officer Parrish is perfect, but his douche partner ends up tazing poor Derek and taking him back to the police station.

After witnessing a horrific display of how little Malia actually knows about US History… Stiles and Scott (Tyler Posey) head to the police station to get Derek. The scene at the police station had to be my favorite of the episode. After checking Young Derek’s finger prints, the only result to pop up was… Shocker! Present day, fully buff, facial hair intact, god-like Derek! Upon hearing “Hale” in the station, Sheriff Stilinski takes it upon himself to have a look. Stiles and Scott arrive just in time for Sheriff Stilinski to finish his up close observation. Upon making the connection that the teenage boy sitting in the station is, in fact, Derek Hale, Stilinski delivers the hilarious question of “Have you been time traveling?” Stiles then goes on to explain that they found Derek like that… In Mexico (when they were meant to be camping).

Scott proceeds to talk to Derek. He reveals about the Hale family fire, but not that they all died in it. Scott ends up gaining Derek’s trust by a simple flash of Alpha eyes. He sends Stiles and Derek off to his house, while he decides to go to Peter for help. For some reason Malia decides to tag along, but I was happy for it! Malia comes face to face with Peter, her biological father (who she knows nothing of).

Lydia and Kira are spending time together, but it inevitably gets cut short by a supernatural interference. Lydia’s banshee abilities lead her to a gas station where she finds an entire bathroom painted red in blood. Earlier in the episode, we saw Kate unable to contain her transformation, and slaughtering the kind man who only wanted to see if she was alright in the first place! After Lydia gives the heads up to Scott, Peter pieces together why Kate turned Derek back into a teen (and it wasn’t to quench her cougar thirst). Kate wants Derek to trust her so that he can hand over the triskelion, which is said to be able to control transformations.

Now it’s up to Stiles to keep Derek away from Kate (which he’s not very good at, but it’s fine. He’s cute). Stiles and Derek are stuck at Scott’s house with his dad. Upon running into Scott’s father, Stiles decides to introduce Derek as his “cousin Miguel from Mexico”! Season 1 throwback! Scott’s dad doesn’t buy it and decides to test out how well “Miguel’ can speak spanish. Which is actually pretty well. Who knew?! After tedious conversation, ‘Miguel’ figures out that Scott’s dad is an FBI agent, so he takes it upon himself to ask about the Hale family fire. Derek finds out that his family is dead, and honestly his reaction surprised me. I thought he would be more sad, rather than mad-and-throwing-Stiles-against-the-wall-making-shippers-go-cray. He asks for Scott, but while Stiles is calling him, Kate decides to make an appearance and swoops him away to do her own bidding. Everyone makes their way to the school, because that’s apparently where all epic fight scenes happen on this show.

Scott, Peter, and Malia all come face to face with a new evil. Berserkers. I have never heard of this creature, but thanks to Wikipedia and various examples on this week’s episode… I now know that they are not to be reckoned with. Peter bounces right away and leaves his, *ehem* DAUGHTER and Scott to fend for themselves as he antagonizes Kate. Malia and Scott are in deep trouble, and Derek hears and pushes his teen crush to the side to help out his alpha. It doesn’t look good at all, especially when Kira gets thrown aside like a rag doll. Luckily, Derek steps in and while fighting, slowly morphs back into his old self! Tyler Hoechlin is BACK! And his wolf eyes are not blue, but yellow!

And with every victory (if you can call it that, because Derek never wins fights and those Berserkers obviously just left because their job was done) comes a defeat! An unknown individual swoops in, fogged wolfsbane and all and steals money from Peter. As it turns out, it wasn’t just a small amount of cash either. It was $117 million in bonds. Where did he even get that much money in the first place?!

In all, ‘117’ was a wild episode. It was, dare I say, refreshing to see Derek so young? We got a flashback last season describing why his eyes turn blue, but this brought a completely different perspective. Derek used to be so trusting and he used to be unable to control his transformations. Kind of unbelievable, but it makes sense now! This episode was a major game-changer for one of my favorite characters, and I could not be more happy. On another note, I think the biggest OMG moment goes to the Berserkers, which I’m still very curious about! They kind of came out of nowhere, I mean where were they when Void Stiles was running around! I hate to be the one to jinx things, but I have a feeling that the Teen Wolf gang will be in for a lot this season. Yikes.



So FanBolters, how did you enjoy this week’s episode? Are you happy to see Tyler Hoechlin reclaim his character, Derek? And what are your theories on Derek’s new yellow eye color? Do you have any predictions on who took the $117 Million from Peter? And finally… How do you feel about Stiles being the Little Spoon? Comment below!


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