Were You Happy With How ‘Smallville’ Ended?

Smallville wrapped up in May, and fans of the series can reminiscent about their favorite moments now why watching the series over and over again on DVD. In promotion of the release of Season 10 on DVD, we wanted to ask fans – were you happy with the ending of Smallville? Did you love the series as much in the end as you did the beginning? What would you change?

As we’ve said before, we loved the earlier seasons of the series. They did too good of a job in the beginning making us fall in love with the idea of Clark and Lana, and that is a fate we definitely would have changed if we could have – that being said we know that doesn’t fit in with the story of Superman. He ends up with Lois – not Lana. We know – but that’s still our opinion 🙂

Other moments throughout the series were excellently executed. How amazing was it when Clark finally learned to fly? I felt like that was the one moment that the fans had been waiting throughout the entire series for – and it was definitely one of the most memorable moments. We wouldn’t have changed anything there.

In support of the Season 10 DVD release of Smallville, share your thoughts with us below!

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Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros WBWord division to raise awareness for ‘Smallville.’

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  1. i am not at all……..i want smallville to continue,until season 20……we dont even know wat will happen to lana and lex being president……please continue smallville.

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