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Home TV A hybrid walks into a bar… – Best Quotes From ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Klaus
A hybrid walks into a bar… – Best Quotes From ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Klaus

A hybrid walks into a bar… – Best Quotes From ‘The Vampire Diaries’: Klaus


It’s that time of the week again! Last week we provided the best Damon Salvatore quotes (You can view those here.), this week we’re doing my favorite character, Klaus! He got the most votes, I guess people like a sexy hybrid with a flawless accent.

In my opinion, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is a very interesting character. He’s only been a part of the series for a short while, yet he has so much depth. We’ve seen so many sides of him: Crazy, sarcastic, scheming, evil, lonely. It all comes down to a VERY revised quote from ‘Notting Hill,’

“He’s just a hybrid standing in front of his family, asking them to love him!”

Like I said, very revised. Klaus is my favorite character, and I can gush about how amazing and badass he is for hours, but I think it’s time to jump right into his best quotes. These are, in my opinion, the best Klaus quotes from TVDS3 so far.

1. “Look, I promise I’m not a serial killer. I just want to use your phone.”
So. Much. Irony.

2. “I’m something else. A different kind of monster. I’ve got some vampire, I’ve got some wolf.”
He also has a fabulous accent and abs. The whole package, right?

3. “Now, you being the first werewolf I’ve come across in many a moon, pun intended.”
Ha! Telling from this joke, it’s obvious that Klaus is totally a jokester and not a ‘lone wolf’…

4. “Oh, it all sounds so tedious and indentured. Aren’t you even having the least bit of fun?”
Totally Klaus, I bet Stefan’s having a blast playing your revised version of bar games.

5. “You put on a good show, Stefan. I almost believe you. Let’s hope, for your brother’s sake, he does. You never stop caring about family, do you? But every time you feed, the blood makes it easier to let go.”
*Bows down to Joseph Morgan* Team Rippah Stefan!

6. “So much brooding. Your self-loathing is suffocating you, my friend.”
Poor Stefan, always getting picked on for his, “Hey! It’s Tuesday!” look.

7. “It’s fascinating, actually. A werewolf who isn’t beholden to the moon, a vampire who doesn’t burn in the sun. A true hybrid.”
Such a way with words.

8. “Not slaves. Soldiers, comrades.”
I love how this one line has created a ‘Klaus Army’ on Twitter. Had to say this, it’s pretty amazing.

9. “I did everything I was told! I should be able to turn them. I broke the curse. I killed a werewolf. I killed a vampire. I killed the doppelganger.”

10. “It appears you’re the only comrade I have left.”
Ehem. Actually, you have about 150,000 comrades. Team Klaus!

11. “So a hybrid walks into a bar, says to the bartender–”
Is it sad that it still bothers me that I don’t know the end of this joke? So. Many Possibilities.

12. “So this is the famous Stefan Salvatore I’ve been hearing so much about. You’re right, he does have funny hair.”
Stefan always gets picked on about his hair. They’re all just jealous. All of them.

13. “Time to wake up, little sister. Any day now, Rebekah… She’s being dramatic.”
Yeah, because being dead for 90 years, and suddenly waking up, definitely doesn’t call for slight drama.

14. “I see they’ve opened the doors to the riff raff now.”
I seriously just LOL’d.

15. “You wore trousers so women today could wear nothing.”
This line is perfection. It also made me love Rebekah more than I already did.

16. “Given the choice, doppelganger or a hybrid, I go hybrid every time.”
“Hide Yo’ Kids, Hide Yo’ Wives, and Hide Yo’ Doppelgangers.” 😉

17. “Come on. Your humanity is killing you! All the guilt must be exhausting. Turn it off.”
My love for Klaus knows no bounds!

18. “Portland is fantastic. Once you get over all the whiny music and healthy-looking people, it’s literally a breeding ground for werewolves.”
Oh, Klaus. Stay classy.

19. “I’ve been planning my father’s funeral for a thousand years. Granted, in no version of it were any of these people invited, but you get the idea.”
Only in the Vampire Diaries…

20. “It seems the homecoming queen still walks among the living, which leads me to believe Rebekah isn’t here.”
Is it safe to say that the Original family is flawless? I think so.

Best Klaus Scene of TVDS3 So Far:

Would would you like us to quote next week?


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