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CW Upsets Thousands Of Fans By Closing Their Message Boards

CW Upsets Thousands Of Fans By Closing Their Message Boards

The CW posted this morning on their site that they would be closing their message boards tomorrow December 14th. The lack of notice has left many fans upset.

Here’s the message that was posted this morning:

The Lounge Message Boards will be closing on Wednesday, December 14th.

The conversation continues on our active FACEBOOK pages. “Like”them now:

Also be sure to follow @cw_network on TWITTER.

Thank you for being valued community members and CW Viewers!

Alright, I’m going to go on a bit of rant here, so bear with me…

Message boards seem to get neglected for social media pretty regularly these days – especially by the networks. However, Facebook and Twitter don’t provide the fan family that fans want. You can’t engage in conversation about the latest episode of your favorite series on these sites the way you can on a message board. Message boards are about geeking out with fellow fans that feel just as strongly as you do about your shows. If you want a real fan family – that’s just where you go. Thousands of friendships have been made through fan message boards, and I, for one, still believe it’s the better platform for geeking out about our favorite TV shows. By the fans – for the fans, that’s the way it should it should be.

To end my rant – I’ll say if any of you guys from The CW message boards need a new home – check out our forums. We’re one of the only places online where you can talk with fellow fans about your favorite TV series and movies – and win cool prizes while doing it! We’re completely by the fans, for the fans – so give us a try!

CW – I think you guys made a mistake closing up shop on your boards. You guys had a lot of loyal fans posting on your site – I don’t know if they’ll all be so willing to move their conversations over to Facebook. I guess time will tell.

What do you guys think about this news? Seriously uncool on CW’s part? Sound off in our comment section below!

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  1. The CW just gave the fans a big middle finger. Merry Christmas to you, too, CW. I won’t be posting on Facebook or Twitter, and I’ll never again vote in a poll for our show. Still love it and will still watch it, but I’m through being free PR for a network that doesn’t give two shakes of a [insert Dean comment here] for fans that have followed this show for seven years.

  2. I’m not really sure why they canned the forums honestly. If it was too expensive they could have looked into other options for moderators. I’m sure some of the fans would have volunteered to do it for free. There’s really not a single good reason for them closing their forums. Then again, I’ve always felt like CW doesn’t really understand it’s target audience in terms of marketing. They have great shows that have die-hard fan bases – but they just don’t get how to connect with them outside of the TV. Thanks for your comments Ginger! It’s always good to see a fellow Winchester fan! 🙂

  3. I have been a loyal poster on the CW Boards for eyars. I am deeply annoyed that this network has given us no warning about this closure. I will not be visiting facebook, and will instead encourage people to come here:

    Free site with moderators who will listen and add any show thread you want! Also, there is roleplay, fanfiction lnks and more.

  4. I will continue to vote in polls because that is supporting Jared and Jensen and our wonderful cast and crew but my support for the CW is destroyed now. It gave fans the middle finger and with less than 48 hours notice,THAT is just despicable. It shows no respect or appreciation for the YEARS of support that many of the CWL members have invested in the boards and the network itself. It has left everyone scrambling, desperate trying to find ways to stay with their family, cause that’s what the CW Lounge Supernatural Boards WERE, A FAMILY of FANS and the CW just doesn’t understand THAT.

  5. It definitely seems like a dumb move to me and seems like it would bring less viewers to their site. I hope all the posters over there can regroup together here at FanBolt. We’d love to have you! 🙂

  6. I don’t like what the CW has done about getting rid of the Forums, but I will always support CW. CW has brought me my favorite shows for years now. If not for the CW then there would be no Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl and Ringer. Also, I enjoyed Smallville for 10 years. Maybe some fans need to start supporting the CW network and the shows and not just message boards that are more personal. I love Facebook and I enjoy getting all my info for my shows from there. Twitter is also great for info about my shows.

  7. closing the cw boards is keeping it in the cw style,which is to ignore the fans wishes.That’s why a fan can’t ever get the CW heads to listen to them.I’m not a bit surprise that the cw would pull a trick like this.Cw just lost a few more 1,ooo fans.

  8. What kind of conversation on facebook? Only they can start posts, no discussion area, and they seem to delete messages a lot if they don’t stay with the “script”.


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