The Relationships Dynamics On ‘One Tree Hill’

One Tree Hill has mirrored a soap opera over the years in terms of relationships! From Haley and Nathan’s marriage, to Brooke and Julian’s engagement, and we can’t forget the battle between Mia and Alex to get Chase’s attention.

This last season, in Episode 15 (‘Valentine’s Day is Over’), everyone had a pretty memorable holiday. In promotion of One Tree Hill: Season 8 DVD release, we wanted to ask fans what their favorite romantic moment was from this episode. Sound off with your fave moment below in our comment section!

Our favorite moment? Probably Haley and Quinn getting surprised with romantic evenings from Nate and Clay – who pretended they weren’t going to do anything special for the girls. It ended up making most girls smile. 🙂 Though Brooke and Julian had a pretty interesting time with the role playing, and that gave us a few good giggles as well!

In Tree Hill, NC, there is never a dull moment. Hope, heartbreak and a hurricane – all in one season! One Tree Hill‘s Season 8 is packed with drama and ready for pre-order:!

One Tree Hill‘s Season 8 is also available on Ultra Violet:

Disclaimer: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Eight on DVD.”

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  1. Well one tree hill is one fave show coz it’s soooooo nice and the characters are so nice the first time I watch one tree hill was on tv then I fell in love with it and got them all on DVDs can’t wait for season 9 well my face moment wen hayley and Nathan fell in love and got married and I have another face moment is clay and Quinn when they fell in love too but all in all it’s an amazing series