Arno Vows to Bring Justice to the Parisian Streets in a New Assassin’s Creed Unity Gameplay Trailer

Arno, the new assassin from Ubisoft’s next Assassin’s Creed installment, is not pleased. In the newest gameplay trailer released today we hear his determined, intimidating, and surprisingly not-French voice for the first time, as he vows to bring down the corrupt noble aristocracy and bring justice to the starving citizens of Paris. And if his epic call to action wasn’t proof enough that Arno means business, the two minute trailer also showcases some of Arno’s offensive fencing moves. Arno is definitely deadly, yet seems to kill his targets in a clean way while maintaining his sophisticated disposition; he’s not about to get any blood on his sleek and stylish trench coat. Arno is cold, calm, and calculated, and every greedy aristocrat and soldier eventually falls by his blade. One particularly flashy move has Arno leaping forward for a mid air, rapier throat slash. Ouch.

Although some of the assassinations and parkour moves in the trailer seem to be recycled from the E3 demo and shown at a different angle, it’s still an eye-pleasing and welcome video to those that wanted to see a bit more of Arno in action. And it’s come at the right time, because today is Bastille Day — a monumental day in French history that is sure to be included in the upcoming game. We also get to see the inside of Notre Dame for a couple seconds, which proves to be visually tantalizing. Is anybody else a little bit too excited to climb, stalk, and assassinate from on top of a macabre-looking gargoyle?

Join the revolution and watch the new trailer below!