Ashley Judd To Star In New ABC Drama ‘Missing’

Ashley Judd will star in ABC’s new drama Missing, playing a CIA agent. Judd’s character is retired and has to reuse her spy skills when her son goes missing in Italy. The show debuts on March 15 at 8 PM. It was shot on location in various European cities, including Paris Budapest and Prague as Judd’s character tracks the people who took her son.

Judd commented on her globetrotting and doing her own stunts for the program, in comparison to when she was at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, where she earned her masters degree in in public administration. Her stunts include jumping into the Seine in Paris.

She said: “I lived a very sedentary life [at Harvard]. I basically sat down for two-and-a-half years and didn’t get up. Obviously we have to have stunt doubles. But I do most of my own stunts. When I’m on that bridge in Paris and I’m shot and I fall into the Seine, I really did that. I like to fight. I find it rewarding.”

In order to get back in shape, she worked with trainers and practiced yoga. Series creator Greg Poirier said: “She was actually quite heroic. We put her through all sorts of horrible things. And she did it with great aplomb.”

This will be her first TV show as a headliner, although she did appear in the 90s drama ‘Sisters’. She’s mostly had film roles. The show will run for ten episodes in the first season and no more than thirteen episodes in possible later seasons. She said it was the number of episodes, as well as the material, that drew her to the program.

She said: “Obviously I was aware that this is a golden age of television. The once impermeable membrane between TV actors and film actors is [disappearing]. I remember turning on ‘The Big C’, which is a show that I love, and seeing Liam Neeson. Each episode is great TV set in a glorious European capital. What’s not to like?”

The showrunners have promised that the serialized show will pay off the central storyline. Poirier added: “I get as annoyed as anyone with one with shows that [don’t pay off]. This story will close by the end of the season. And if you watch until the end of the season you’ll feel satisfied. I think we really set out not to give you one of those disappointments like you get at the end of some [shows].”


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  1. Ashley seems really proud of this show. I am going to tune in. What worries me though is ABC pushing the date around. Would they do that to a show that was good?

  2. I had originally heard it was suppose to air last Fall. Then I had heard January. But yes now its March 15th. That is what I meant by pushing the date around.