NBC Developing ‘Dracula’ Series

NBC has ordered development on another genre TV series. The network has ordered development on Dracula TV show. The show would be set in the 1890s and is described as “Dangerous Liasons meets The Tudors.”

The project has a “script-to-series” deal, meaning that if NBC gives it the go-ahead once the script is done, it will go straight to series instead of going to the pilot phase. This is the latest in several genre shows for the network with Grimm being a surprise success, a Munsters reboot coming and a Hannibal Lector series getting a similar script-to-series fast track.

Is NBC going a little Syfy? Is there room for another vampire show? Sound off in our comment section below!


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  1. They are just going to run this vampire thing into the ground with over-exposure aren’t they? That said, I still love a lot of vampire-centric stuff so I might check it out though.

  2. I think we’re definitely at the point of beating it into the ground. Not to mention that NBC doesn’t do too great with this genre. I think Grimm is an exception this season.

  3. I think this could be very good if they do a good job on it. They are probably trying to cash in on the vampire trend that has infected the nation.

  4. NBC makes some great shows but those never seem to do very well. Their new sci-fi stuff doesn’t sound so good so maybe they’ll be big hits?