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What Fans Can Expect at Comic-Con 2014 and a Look Back at 2013

What Fans Can Expect at Comic-Con 2014 and a Look Back at 2013


Tonight marks Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2014, and FanBolt is all prepped and ready to go for this year’s convention. We’ll be doing interviews with over 30 different TV series and 5 different films – and there are a number of surprises in store! As we get ready for the madness to start tonight, I couldn’t help but reminisce about Comic Con 2013, and I wanted to share with you a bit more about what our Comic Con experience is like….

Here’s the highlights of FanBolt’s Comic-Con 2013 experience!

Preview Night

For 2013, I brought 2 writers (Jenn and Dhalyn) in addition to myself to the convention. This was a huge help in allowing us to cover more press rooms – which always seem to be at the same time every year (Divide and conquer time!). On Wednesday night, we went ahead and picked up our press badges so we’d be ready to go for the first panel on Thursday morning which was the packed out Divergent press conference.

But back to Wednesday night, this was my second year in a row that I’ve been at preview night when the doors have first opened. I like to call this event – The Run Of The Nerds. Everyone knows the booths they want to visit first… the ones that are likely to have the best swag… and con-goers not keen on listening to the “proceed in a calm and orderly fashion.” There is no calm and orderly fashion. This is Comic-Con (I say in the 300 “This is Sparta” voice).

Mass chaos though it was, I was super excited to take part in this. I racked up on YA novels – which I promptly handed over to Jenn. She was thrilled (as was I not to carry them). Obviously, nerd though I am, I’m not very good at The Run Of The Nerds. All of the good swag I picked up came later in the convention.

Comic-Con 2013 Highlights

Day 1: Thursday

Day 2: Friday

Day 3: Saturday

Day 4: Sunday

A special things to all the PR firms, studios, networks, and my new and old friends that aided in last year being the best Comic-Con yet – though I’m sure Comic-Con 2014 will nab that title this year! I wish that we got to do this more than once a year… even though that would be total madness.

Wondering what we have in-store this year for coverage? Check out our schedule below.

Comic-Con 2014

Here’s what we’re covering!

Preview Night

Penguins of Madagascar (Film)
Under The Dome
Sharknado 2
mtvU Fandom Awards and MTV Fanfest
Batman Arkham Knight Party
Witches of East End Party

Star Wars: Rebels
Bates Motel
Teen Wolf
Orphan Black
Horns (Film)
Book of Life (Film)
The Originals
Falling Skies
Sleepy Hollow
CW/Buzzfeed Party
Geeknation Party
The Last Ship Party (On the USS Midway!)

The Vampire Diaries
Once Upon A Time
NBC Party

The Strain
The Following

Check out all of my coverage from Comic Con 2013, and know that we have TONS more coming for Comic Con 2014! This was a just a selection of some of our favorite moments!

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