Dave Franco and Conan O’Brien Join Tinder


Dave Franco’s online dating skills were put to the test during a recent skit he taped for pal Conan O’Brien’s talk show, Conan.

The two friends decided to tackle dating site Tinder under the pseudonyms Chip Whitley and Djengus Roundstone, and while O’Brien was matched with a 74-year-old woman, the Now You See Me star quickly found himself the object of desire for a handful of local women, despite his awful profile.

He wrote, “I enjoy wearing (sandals) Crocs for their style over their comfort and I hear I look like a poor man’s Dave Franco. F**k Dave Franco!”

The pair then took off in a tricked out love wagon van to meet one of the girls who had shown interest in the actor.

Check out the entire skit below:

Photo/Video Credit: TBS


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