Casey Kasem’s Daughters Fear Father was Secretly Laid to Rest

Casey Kasem’s daughters believe the beloved broadcaster has been secretly laid to rest and his widow is playing “games” with her stepchildren, after they stripped her of guardianship shortly before the radio presenter died last month.

Julie and Kerri Kasem, who was granted the authority to oversee her dad’s final days in hospital, appeared on Access Hollywood Live on Monday, days after revealing their father’s remains had gone missing.

The appearance came a day after Kasem’s widow, Jean, told CNN she knew where her late husband’s body was.

Kerri Kasem said, “The last I heard… is that he’s probably buried here and she’s just playing games. This is not a shocker. She put on the death certificate that she’s been living in Jerusalem for 18 years, she also told the funeral home that she was going to take him to France and put him there… It’s just games. She thinks she’s gonna upset us and that’s not gonna happen. It’s sad.

“The last thing I heard from a neighbor was that they saw the family going to a funeral, and it was probably right here in Los Angeles. It could’ve been another funeral, but that’s the closest thing that we’ve gotten.”

Sister Julie added, “Her lawyers specifically told us, ‘When your father is buried, we will let you know where…’ We will never know where he is buried unless we can get a private detective or lawyers involved… It’s a game.

“The last we heard he’s going to be buried in Montreal, Canada. He has no family there, I don’t think he’s ever been there.

“This is nothing new; it’s been like this for 34 years… The silver lining is that we got to be with our dad at the end of his life and we know his spirit is here, and that’s the most important thing.”

But Kerri claims police officials in Santa Monica are investigating where Kasem has been laid to rest, because they’re still hoping to complete an autopsy that his widow started.

She explained, “She immediately had an autopsy done, I’m sure to disprove things, but the autopsy is incomplete. Medical records were not given to the guy doing the autopsy. I had to actually go in and ask for an autopsy myself just to find out my dad was still in Washington… I wanted to know where my dad was.

“The minute my dad died, everything went back to my stepmother, so I had nothing to do with where he was at or where he was going to be buried.”

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