The Sad Saga Continues: Casey Kasem’s Body Flown to Canada

Casey Kasem’s body has been flown to Canada amid an escalating family feud over where the late star will be laid to rest.

The veteran broadcaster’s adult children were locked in a battle with his wife Jean before his death in June, and they have continued the spat after his passing.

Jean was given control of the star’s remains, but Kasem has yet to be laid to rest more than a month after his death.

His adult children claimed the body had gone missing and Kasem’s daughter Keri, who wanted her dad to be interred in California, even accused her stepmother of staging a burial in secret and playing “games” with them.

It has now emerged that Kasem’s body has been removed from a mortuary in Washington and flown to Montreal, Canada.

The body was taken from the Gaffney Funeral Home in Tacoma just a day before Keri Kasem obtained a court order in a bid to stop her father’s remains being moved.

Director of the funeral home, Corey Gaffney, tells CNN, “I disclosed to her attorney that the body was no longer in our care… I took Casey to the airport myself, oversaw every detail myself from the moment we brought him into care.”

Keri Kasem’s representative Danny Deraney adds, “The bottom line is that they (the children) want to know where he’ll be buried. I think they have that right.”

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