Which Request Made Zach Braff Regret Offering ‘Wish I Was Here’ Crowdfunding Incentives?


Zach Braff regretted agreeing to record voicemails for those who contributed to his Wish I Was Here film crowdfunding campaign, after a dentist asked him to tape a mundane message for his waiting room patients.

The star turned to Kickstarter to help raise the money needed to fund the comedy drama and offered up personal 30-second messages for those who donated a certain amount to the project.

However, one odd request from a dentist had Braff cringing with embarrassment.

He explains:

“I had this one guy who’s a dentist and he wanted me to read… a greeting for the people in his waiting room. Like, ‘Welcome to Dr. Shapiro’s office. Please turn off your cell phone.’

“I wrote the guy back and I was like, ‘Look man, I know you contributed and I really do wanna do anything, but I think this is really gonna annoy your patients and I don’t want your patients to hate me and they’ll never see anything I do’. He was like, ‘I paid good money, I want my dentist’s lobby message’, so I did it. ‘Hi, I’m Zach Braff, please turn off your cell phones’.

“But I was so worried, I don’t wanna lose fans over this! These poor Dr. Shapiro’s patients are gonna be like, ‘Oh, shut up’. It’s on, like, a 30-second loop in his office!”

Photo Credit: Focus Features

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