‘Once Upon A Time’ Gives Fans First Official Look at Queen Elsa

The season premiere of Once Upon A Time draws nearer and nearer (but is still too far off) and fans have been anticipating where the Frozen storyline will take our favorite Storybrooke residents this year. While we still don’t have many plot details at the moment, we do already have our first look at Queen Elsa in a still from the upcoming season!

When we left Storybrooke, we caught a glimpse of the Ice Queen arriving at the town, unbeknownst to its residents. We know that along with Elsa and Kristoff, Anna and her former love interest Hans will also be visiting Storybrooke, and from what we hear about Hans, he still has that mean streak.

In the still, Queen Elsa is seen speaking with her sister’s love interest Kristoff about something rather serious-looking, in what appears to be a stable…tending to an adorable reindeer named Sven perhaps?

Let us know what you think of Queen Elsa and Kristof, as well as any storyline speculation, in the comments below!


Photo Credit: ABC/Katie Yu

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