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Netflix May Save ‘Terra Nova’

Netflix May Save ‘Terra Nova’


Terra Nova has just barely been canceled and already it may be getting another chance. Netflix is in talks with 20th Century Fox TV about keeping the sci-fi drama going. The show got okay ratings but only if you don’t consider the cost of the show, which was estimated to be huge for a network TV series.

Talks are preliminary at this point, and they may not even hit the negotiation phase. However, 20th Century Fox TV was adamant about finding a new home for the series after it was cancelled and considering it was a consistent top 10 in shows that got gains in viewing via DVR, Netflix would seem like an ideal choice.

We’ll keep you posted on Terra Nova‘s future!

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  1. I said this on twitter earlier… if they bring this back and don’t pick up The Event (which I know is long since dead) I’m going to be ticked off. haha 🙂 The budget is just so high for the series…. if Netflix grabs it I imagine there are going to need to be some major cuts.

  2. I never watched the Event, but I heard it was really good. I kinda figured whoever picked it up would make big cuts anyways, but having it with cuts is better than not having it at all.

  3. I watched the first couple of episodes but I couldn’t really get into it. But if netflix picks it up, I may just have to finish the season out.


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