Ali Lohan Wants Reality Show To Debunk Family Myths

LINDSAY LOHAN’s little sister ALI hopes her new reality show LIVING LOHAN will
shatter myths about her famous family, and convince the world her mother isn’t
a “crazy freak”.

The program will follow manager mum Dina as she steers the careers of Ali,
14 and her brother Cody, 11.

And Ali is determined viewers should learn the truth about the much-talked
about and much-criticized clan.

She says, “The tabloids said I got a nose job. That really annoyed me. Look
at my nose, look at my mom’s nose. We all have the same nose.”

Ali adds, “I want everyone to know that my mum is not a crazy freak who’s
just trying to be famous and be in the spotlight. She’s not. She’s just helping
her kids follow their dreams in life, just like any other mum would.”

Lindsay Lohan was recently banned from appearing in the show by Dina, who
claimed it would damage her career.



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