Chelsea Handler Pranked Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux with Hair Extension Pizza

Chelsea Handler pranked Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux by sending them a pizza made from her hair extensions in a bid for one of the weirdest jokes of all time.

Handler was dining out and invited Aniston and her fiance to join her, and when they declined the offer for a night in, Handler sent them the creepy treat.

Theroux returned the strands during a recent taping of the funny lady’s show, Chelsea Lately, revealing, “Chelsea sent that up to our house with a pizza. We didn’t know who it was from… Our doorbell rang and there was a pizza delivered to our house and we opened it up and it was an extension pizza.”

Handler explained, “I had hair extensions and I wanted them to meet me for dinner and they texted me and said they weren’t in the mood to go out, ‘Come on over’.

“I said, ‘No thanks, but my hair will be there’. And the place I was at was nice enough (to send it with a pizza)… I can’t believe you’ve been saving this. This is so sweet.”

I guess that’s one way to respond to your friends preferring a night in to a night on the town.

What do you think about Chelsea’s little prank? Was it hilarious or just plain gross? Let us know in the comments below!

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