Ashton Kutcher And Jon Cryer Offered Two-Year Deals For ‘Two And A Half Men’

Ashton Kutcher and Jon Cryer have been offered two-year deals for the 10th and 11th seasons of Two and a Half Men. However, they will not be getting a raise for these seasons.

Kutcher and Cryer are reportedly making $700,000 per episode, which is approximately $15.4 million for a 22-episode season.

The site notes that the proposal is likely just the starting part of a lengthy negotiation. Kutcher asked for $1 million per episode to come back for another year and sources say that neither Kutcher, Cryer or creator Chuck Lorre are wanting to continue the show for two seasons more, preferring to end it after the next year.

Taping of the season finale takes place next week and Lorre would like to write a fitting end if it ends up being a series finale. But if negotiations haven’t finished, which is likely, then the episode will need to be written as if the show may return. The site adds that it’s likely that a deal of some sort will happen due to the profit margin that the show has.


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