‘Supernatural’ Cast and Executive Producer Give Hints About Season 10

The Supernatural cast and executive producer/showrunner were on hand to chat with press at Comic-Con this year. We sat down with Misha Collins and Executive Producer Jeremy Carver. They filled us in on what’s to come Season 10, Demon Dean and Castiel’s new point of view on humanity.

Among other topics, Misha Collins revealed his thoughts on how Demon Dean and Castiel’s relationship will be affected saying, “Well, I think it’s affected. (laughs) It drives a wedge between them. Let’s just say Cas is, I mean on the one hand there’s a certain, I dunno-Cas still cares about Dean very much because he’s, basically his primary mission is to get Dean cured of being a demon, or fixing him. But at the same time, Cas is determined to not let a Demon Dean roam the earth, so if it comes to it, Cas is willing to kill Demon Dean if Human Dean can’t be rescued. So yes, that puts a strain on any relationship.”

EP Jeremy Carver teased some of the upcoming monsters and creatures of the new season as well. “I think we’ll have a lot of spins on some monsters we’ve seen before,” he says. “To me it’s not so much of a question of introducing new monsters as it is finding a fresh new way to get into the world of even monsters that we’ve seen, you know? So if we’re doing a vampire or werewolf again, I think it’s all about the character of who’s inhabiting that monster…it’s what gets me going the most so…but there will be a few new ones that you’ll see…the monsters won’t all be monsters.”

You can watch the full length interviews below and see what else the guys had to say about the upcoming season of Supernatural:

Does Jeremy Carver referring to “stark decisions” for our favorite characters make anyone else nervous, or is that just me? Guess we’ll find out this fall!

Supernatural returns to the CW on October 7th!

More coverage from Comic-Con 2014 to come as we post our interviews!


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