‘Gossip Girl’ Goes Into Blair And Dan Couple Mode

Gossip Girl fans better get ready for Blair and Dan overload between now and the end of the season – at which time we’re expecting something to blow up leaving us with a huge cliffhanger!

We’ve got a sneak peek for you guys at tonight’s episode below!

We’ve made it no secret that the writers here at FanBolt are Chair fans (Chuck/Blair), and while we love Dan and Blair separately – we’re still not really buying Dair (Blair/Dan) together. We’re still pulling for Chuck to win Blair’s heart back in the end, but will that happen this season? While normally we’d say no, it feels like Gossip Girl has been all over the place this season with no regard to past season writing styles. We’d love to know if the fans agree with us!

Sound off in the comment section below and let us know what you’ve thought of this season of Gossip Girl, and whether or not you’re loving Blair and Dan together… or if you’re pulling for Chuck to win her back!

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  1. Totally agree with you, I’m not buying this Dair thing. And I’m confident we’re getting our Chair back by the end of the season.

  2. I’m 100% with you guys. I just can’t stand the thought of Dair. I found the pairing odd and somehow disturbing. Hoping for some good Chair scenes in the meanwhile and ofc for Chuck to get the love of his life back in the finale.

  3. So glad I’m not alone! 🙂 I get so much fan hate from the Dair fans whenever I post on this subject, but I’m a fan too – a big Chuck and Blair fan! And Chuck has really changed this season into someone that I think is a truly great man – a huge difference from the previous seasons’ Chucks. He deserves the girl 🙂

  4. Dan and Blair are terrible and I (along with a lot of the GG audience) will tune out until Dair is over. Bring back Chuck and Blair as soon as possible and maybe the ratings will go above a million viewers again.

  5. Dan and Blair as a couple has made me dislike both as characters. Hopefully Blair gets her personality back when they break up. Oh and of course she’ll choose Chuck! Can’t wait for Dair to be over for good.

  6. Can’t stand them as a couple, tbh. Probably won’t watch again until they’re done for good.

  7. I guess for Chair fans, Blair having a personality means her miserable, spending her time to cry and being insecure. Are you Blair fans? Of course you’re not!!

    Dan is the one for her.

  8. Dair are flawless. Definitely not ‘disturbing,’ that word best describes that other couple where Blair is not Blair Waldorf but ‘the girlfriend of Chuck Bass.’ You know the one where she has to accept his selling her for a hotel and aiming his fist at her face? ‘Cause he’s Chuck Bass and he’s a poor tortured soul who deserves to get the girl even though he makes her feel worthless and ashamed of herself. Blair/misery and Blair/Chuck are pretty much the same thing. Blair/happiness ftw then folks.

  9. Dair c’est tout simplement la perfection. Je remercie tellement les écrivains de me faire autant rêver avec ce couple fantastique et tellement RÉALISTE. La France approuve et soutient la TEAM DAIR. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH GUYS !!!!

  10. Well I don’t know about you guys, but I like watching Blair finally being happy. Whether you choose to realize this or not, she was never this happy with Chuck. In her own words “When I’m around Chuck I feel like a weak little girl”, “I don’t like who I’ve become with you”, “Chuck brought me into his darkness for so long that I’ve forgotten what it felt like [to be happy]”. Oh and Chair wouldn’t save the show….when they were a happy couple in season 3, ratings were still dropping fast.

  11. I loved Chair when they were together but I’m sorry to say, I LOVE DAIR. cutest thing to ever hit this show! true love, pure and simple. if you don’t love them.. well something is seriously wrong with you.

  12. Dan and Blair are finally happy and I love, I love seeing them every Monday. Chuck? to make their lives elsewhere

  13. I have to disagree with you I feel that Dan and Blair make sense and really pulls the show together. I mean if you watch the show from the start and paying attention to the story that is being shown rather than told, makes me believe Dair has been planned from the start. This is my perspective you might see it differently than me.
    Personaly I just don’t like chair so even if Dair never happened I still wouldn’t vote for chair. Before you yell at me hear me out. The three major things I think of when chair is mentioned are he compared her to a wet horse, selling her for hotel, and physical hurt her. This does not even include what Blair has done to Chuck. Frankly it worries me why anyone would want these two people together when they are so dysfunctional.
    Maybe they prefer tragic love story like Wuthering Heights while I prefer Pride and Prejudice. So I am rooting for Dair wanting to see their journey as a couple which has suppressed anything I could ever imagined for them and I love it.

  14. It feels like a chore to watch Gossip Girl nowadays. It’s not just DB – although I can’t stand them together – but the plot points never make sense and the characters aren’t the same people they used to be. I hardly recognize them anymore, and when I do, they are doing something boring. At this point, I’m only watching in the hopes that Blair and Chuck will eventually get back together.

  15. I don’t get the repulse people have against Dan and Blair. The two are adorable. The fact that they have a healthy relationship is pretty rare on TV let alone the crazy life of GG. I suppose as a girl we’ve all had dreams of having a bf like Chuck Bass, meaning having a tumultuous relationship. But as we mature, I think we tend to realise how important it is to find someone who makes you happy. That’s exactly what Dair is, and that’s why I ship them. Not to mention how awful Chuck has been to B, no need to make examples, I’m sure you all know already. If you’ve been supporting the show since S1 and still can’t stand to see Blair happy (you want to see her play games and remain the queen B she was), then there’s probably something wrong with you…

  16. I stopped watching after the crap 100th ep. I don’t understand how the writers continue to ignore the majority of the fans who support Chuck and Blair.
    As someone else said, Chuck is the Ross to Blair’s Rachel. It took them 10 seasons to finally get together, so I’ll hold out that Chuck and Blair will have their happily ever after. I just won’t be watching until that day.

  17. Dan and Blair are wonderful together. GG was much better with this couple.

    Dair is True Love, Pure, Simple and Magical. I love Dair.

  18. Honestly, I think this new Dan and Blair combination is precisely what the show needed. The whole Chuck and Blair playing games, disappointing each other, screwin up, etc. was getting old, really old. I was beginning to get bored with the show until they suddenly introduced the possibility of Dan and Blair getting together, and I think a lot of people would agree that it made people curious as to whether it would happen or not.
    You look at Dan and Serena, and you’d think they wouldn’t match considering their personalities but people loved the fact that Dan was changing Serena. Now that Dan and Blair are together, I think it’d be interesting to see how the characters change from their original personalities and characteristics.
    From what I see, so far, it seems as though they’re BOTH changing, not just Blair being affected as many Chuck and Blair fans claim.

  19. Alright, let me ask you guys this – Chuck/Blair and Dan/Blair aside, what do you feel about the series now. Does it feel like the same series and the same characters to you? I feel like around the return from the mid-season break of the show we started dealing with a completely different series. I’d love to know if I’m alone in thinking that or not. From some of the comments left it looks like I’m not alone in that.

  20. I agree with u there…I don’t have a clue what the writers are doing? Have they not been watching the past couple of seasons? Yes I understand that people change as they get older, but they still keep some semblance of their old self. These completely “new” characters have just thrown me such a curve ball, I have no idea how to wrap my head around it. I get more and more annoyed each week, and I see a breaking point upon the horizon, unless something changes. 🙁

  21. Ann, I think you said it perfectly. It’s like completely new characters. Blair especially. I think that’s why the Blair/Dan thing seems so off to me. I would have rather the old writers have tackled the romance between them instead of the current writers that I’m convinced have not watched the any of the past seasons of the show. Not to mention the whole handing off of Gossip Girl to multiple people – I think that was a shark jumping point for me.

  22. im so on board with dair i stoped watching gg after season 2 becouse i hated the way chuck treathed blair can’t stand that kind of abuse and i think it was a horrible thing to watch and tospecially to let “girls” think the way chuck treath blair is romantic in any way
    i never though dair was an obtion but god bless gg writers they are genius the supriced me and i started watching the show again ,dont get me wrong i want chuck to get better but i don’t want blair to go back to him all the things he did to her are unforgetable (in a real bad way) and well dan is just so perfect and he is so good to her makes her better and happier

  23. Every girl needs a guy like Chuck whose immediate reaction to any problem with you (or anyone else for that matter) is to do one or more of the following:
    1) Sleep with the next person or persons he encounters
    2) Get drunk
    3) Scheme to destroy someone’s life (yours included on occasion)
    Yes, let’s make this endgame to send the message that this kind of relationship is guaranteed to fill your life with happiness. Even though Chuck has done some good things over the years, this MO is firmly ingrained in his character’s personality. For those who claimed he’s “changed”, I believe he reacted true to form just three episodes ago, sleeping with Dan’s agent and trying to ruin his career.

  24. Still trying to figure out this “good man” that Chair fans incessantly claim that Chuck has become. Last I checked a sudden journey of altruism is still that…a journey. It’s still pretty much in the air as to what kind of person Chuck will become. Especially with his familial drama once again rearing its ugly head. We don’t know how any of this will affect him and how he will respond as far as his behavior and interpersonal relationships are concerned. Looking at this situation objectively saves one from seeming foolish, and Chuck is still very much so a work in progress, me thinks.

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