FX Releases New Promos For ‘Brand X’ With Russell Brand

FX has released four new promos for Brand X starring comedian Russell Brand. The network has been in promotion overdrive for their Thursday night comedy lineup which includes Louie, Wilfred, Anger Management, and Brand X.

Brand X, which previously went by the title Strangely Uplifting, will be FX’s first original late night programming. The promos below give you a taste of what you can expect. If you’re familiar with Brand’s stand up, you know this will be anything but a standard late night show…

The new series will only be six half hour episodes, so don’t fall too in love with it! Seems like it’ll be a more of an extended comedy special than a true late night show to us, but we love Russell so we’ll take it!

Brand X starts June 28th at 11pm on FX! Will you be watching?


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