‘iZombie’ Cast and Creators Talk New Show at Comic-Con 2014

FanBolt was in the pressroom to chat with the cast and creators of new CW show iZombie at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The new offering from Veronica Mars Executive Producers Rob Thomas and Diane Ruggiero centers around a young medical examiner who gets turned into a zombie and must eat the brains of the bodies she examines in order to stay “fresh.” With the sustenance comes traits and memories from the deceased, leading her to help solve the murders of the folks she consumes.

Ruggiero described the show as very close in tone to Veronica Mars, while Thomas said they wanted “the new Buffy.” We haven’t seen the pilot yet (they’re still tweaking), but it sounds like this is going to be a great new show for the CW midseason.

Thomas expanded on his version of zombie mythology that we’ll see in iZombie saying, “The idea that we’re going to play and you’ll, by episode three you will have seen this, not with our character but you’ll see an example of this, if they do not eat brains, they do start to fall apart rather quickly and so we’ll meet a zombie – in the writers’ room we refer to them as “Romeros”, we have “Freshies” and “Romeros”- and they also, they can tap into this sort of rage well. Like our Liv character in the pilot has a moment where she becomes adrenalized and, I hate referencing a Marvel comic when I’m doing a DC show, but it’s sort of triggered in the same way as Bruce Banner turning into the Hulk, like she doesn’t have complete control over that. She becomes too adrenalized, too worked up and she sort of goes into what we’re calling “Rage Mode”.”

Take a look at the videos below for more details on the new series!

Rose McIver

David Anders

Rob Thomas

Malcolm Goodwin

Robert Buckley

Rahul Kohli

Diane Ruggiero

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iZombie will be showing on the CW for the 2014-2015 season.


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