Robert Pattinson Explains Why Actors Should Avoid Making Outrageous Demands On Set


Robert Pattinson, who always seems to be full of interesting bits of information during interviews, has urged up-and-coming stars not to complain about set conditions on film shoots – because he has witnessed crew members getting payback to diva demands.

The Maps to the Stars actor insists stagehands and prop bosses have all the power on movie sets, not actors and directors – and he has learned to keep his mouth shut, even if he’s unhappy.

He tells Britain’s Esquire magazine, “This actress was doing a scene in the bath and she kept complaining about the temperature; how it was too hot or too cold. So everyone p**sed in it and put a bunch of bubble bath in afterwards, so you couldn’t smell it!

“This stuff happens. That’s why I avoid asking for anything. I don’t want to get anyone’s p**s on me.”

We feel you Robert.

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  1. Rob maybe u are a okay guy, but I do know about annoying co.workers, I feel ya

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