The ‘Falling Skies’ Cast Talks Relationships, Aliens and the Final Season

The Falling Skies cast sat down to share their thoughts on the remainder of this season, what’s up with Lexi and more.

Noah Wyle, Will Patton, Moon Bloodgood, Scarlett Byrne, Doug Jones and Maxim Knight all attended Comic-Con and gave some interesting insight to the upcoming trials for their characters.

When it comes to Falling Skies‘ final season, which is right around the corner next year, Moon Bloodgood and Noah Wyle both feel like knowing that the end is near isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Wyle stated, “So rarely in television do you get to choose your own ending. You know, and to give your fans a real sense of completion to the narrative that you’ve laid out. So getting to sort of wrap up all these storylines and have these characters reach their natural conclusions, I think that will be satisfying for everybody.”

Bloodgood also commented, “When you don’t know that there’s the end line, you kind of feel like you’re in limbo, but when you know it’s your last year, you feel like you can just… you can appreciate it more. We’re actually excited it’s our last year.”

The characters all still have a ways to go before that point however, and the biggest issue at hand is Lexi. Scarlett Byrne, aka Lexi herself, gave her opinion on the rest of the cast’s reactions toward Lexi saying, “It’s like if you don’t know anything, whatever you’re afraid of, like the unknown… that’s what you’ll be scared of. When it comes to Lexi all those characters are like that with her. They’re frightened of her, because they don’t know what she’s about.”

You can watch the full Falling Skies Comic-COn interviews with the rest of the cast and see what else they had to say about Lexi, the rest of the season 4 and more below!

Noah Wyle and Will Patton

Moon Bloodgood and Scarlett Byrne

Doug Jones and Maxim Knight

More coverage from Comic-Con 2014 to come as we post our interviews!


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