Things I Learned From ‘The Voice’ Live Shows, Week Three

For me, The Voice is about a lot more than who advances and who gets eliminated. There’s a lot going on that doesn’t make headlines but makes for plenty of great memories.

In the first week of live shows we got a lesson in standing up for who you believe in and in the second week I got a surprise visit from the person I believe in more than any other (coach Adam Levine). So I asked myself, What the heck could possibly happen in week three?

Apparently, a lot. Possibly looking to ramp up the drama, NBC introduced “instant eliminations” at the end of the performance shows. In a nutshell, two people still go home each week, except one is now sent home by their coach instead of America and it happens on Monday instead of Tuesday. All this seemed to do was raise everyone’s stress level. Coach Blake Shelton was vocal in his dislike of the new rule and Team Christina’s Chris Mann called it “the worst thing we’ve done.”

That development and others led to plenty of controversy surrounding the show this week, to my chagrin. Whether it was Christina Aguilera‘s choice to eliminate the popular Jesse Campbell, or her risque outfit during Team Christina’s performance with their coach, or Blake having to part ways with Raelynn, or words being exchanged on Twitter again, there was a lot of drama. One of things I love about the show is that there isn’t too much drama, so it was a little hard to take. I’m hoping we get back to the positive next week, even as the stakes continue to rise.

However, there were a lot of good and fun things that happened this week as well. Here are my thoughts, in no real order:

  • As a Maroon 5 fan, it was an incredible pleasure to be in the studio for the premiere of their new single “Payphone.” I have a hard time describing it, but when these guys get on stage it’s just something special and unlike any other live music experience I’ve ever had. And I’ve been lucky enough to be in the room for the premiere of both their singles, after I was also there for the premiere of “Moves Like Jagger” last season.
  • The only thing cooler than being in the studio while Maroon 5 is playing is to be standing backstage with Maroon 5. It made my day when guitarist James Valentine remembered me from last year’s tour, said hi and high-fived me just moments before they went on stage.
  • On Tuesday night I ended up standing next to The Wanted and later Justin Bieber. Not quite the same thing as I’m not a fan of either, but it was still neat.
  • Pet peeve: the horde of teenage girls feeling the need to scream “We love you, Adam!” as he’s trying to make comments to an artist. I love him, too, but I don’t interrupt him and take away from the important stuff that’s happening on stage.
  • Thanks to Chris Mann, I now finally understand the lyrics to Coldplay‘s “Viva La Vida.” One of the things I love about his performances is that he always enunciates.
  • I am not normally a fan of big production numbers, but I will say that Team Christina’s performance of “Fighter” was very cool to see live. And to start it with a hilarious prank on Blake was even better.
  • If you’re wondering how the coaches know when to stop talking, they have a 20-second clock in front of them that starts counting down the moment they’re cued by host Carson Daly.
  • Now this instant elimination thing: I’m not a fan either. But I understand the coaches’ decisions, as much as I’ll miss both Jesse and Jordis Unga. It’s true that Jesse had a great voice, but it sounds like Christina was looking for people she could continue to work with going forward, and my guess is she thought she’d done all she could for him. While it is a competition, the coaches have all said more than once that they’re also concerned with being able to nurture talent.
  • She may not have won this thing, but The Voice‘s Most Improved award goes to Team Christina’s Ashley de la Rosa. We really didn’t get to hear a lot of her in the beginning, but she busted out and became someone great by her exit. It was definitely the smartest decision yet for Christina to have saved her two weeks ago, because she changed a lot of opinions, Adam’s and mine included.
  • I was surprised that Raelynn went home, but it only increased my respect for Blake as a coach. He didn’t pick the artist he had a soft spot for – he picked the one who gave the best performance Tuesday night. As it should be.
  • Awkward moment of the week, part one: the audience warm-up guy decided to come over and interview me. While I chose not to ask to say hi to Adam (being that I was working and so was he), I did admit to being the honorary thirteenth member of Team Adam…which would have worked better if any of them had been sitting in the room next to me to support that claim. They were all in the Sprint Lounge. Whoops.
  • (Sidebar: Besides, I ran into Adam’s tour manager and generally cool guy, Shawn Tellez, later on. I just asked him to tell Adam hello for me later. Shawn is a great guy, FYI, and I don’t think he gets enough credit which is why I’m mentioning him here.)
  • Awkward moment of the week, part two: waiting to go back to the press room after taping, I was approached by a couple. The incredibly sweet woman told me I must be someone important since I was being interviewed. Um…
  • Awkward moment of the week, part three: hearing from multiple people that they saw me last week on the local news. I still haven’t seen it.
  • I got a bonus day working on The Voice this week as I had breakfast with the top 12 at NBC Universal’s summer press day. I’m minding my own business, eating my crepes, when I get group-hugged by Jamar Rogers, Juliet Simms and Mathai. I ended up getting hugged by almost everyone. That is an excellent way to start the day. I appreciate that I can spend time with the artists just as people…and that they’re happy to see me when I do.
  • I want to give a particular shoutout to Jamar, who sat down with me and told me how he admires what I’ve accomplished. It was so lovely to hear that, especially from someone that I also think highly of. Those words stuck in my head all day. I wish that I had his positive energy. And I may have met his mom. I’m not really sure.
  • Jermaine Paul informed me that Chris has pretty much taken over their shared bathroom.
  • And I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty cool when I’m waiting for a Voice panel to start and Blake Shelton spots me and waves at me.

See? There was a lot going on this week! But I also learned something pretty important that I want to share with you, dear readers. Follow me over to page two…


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  1. I really hate that the judges were able to eliminate one person on their team, that’s not the way it’s supposed to be. They were trying to add drama but I think they failed. The new rule is crap. I don’t know why they changed it but it sucks, it’s supposed to be America’s vote. I really liked the person Christina sent home and would have rather seen that-girl-that-always-changes-the-way-that-a-song-is sang-because-she-can’t-hit-the-normal-notes. All of her songs sound the same.

  2. Based on the fact that this is supposed to be a competition, in my opinion, the elimination of Jessy Campbell was a really bad choice, and when Christina was asked about her decision she had no ligitimate response. This leads me to believe that there is more to this than just being able to work with someone in the future. There is something not being said. Ask yourself this question. Why would anyone coaching a group of singers, (in a singing competition), eliminate their best chance of winning? They can always continue to work with people outside of the show, Blake is doing it now. I do understand that the coaches are allowed to eliminate who they want to, but it is a bad idea to eliminate a fan favorite. The show is called “The Voice”, not the voice that needs more work. I can watch judges make crappy decisions on those other singing shows. I just expected better from the voice. Decisions like the one that Christina made brings down the quality of the show. I am pretty sure that my opinion means nothing, but its sad to see someone that could have won this contest be eliminated because of someone elses personal issues. ” If ” this was some personal issue that christina has with Jesse then its a sign of low character on her behalf.


  3. What I learned from watching The Voice so far – that I should avoid watching televised music/voice contests. While I think this show has the most talent out there, the actual way the show is run is driving me crazy, especially after the last 2 episodes. The only music contests I’ve ever closely followed is an online one called MakeAStar and that is much smaller in scope which means we as fans have all the control with the voting and we can even interact with the contestant by leaivng them real time comments — something I have yet to see these major shows even think about doing.

  4. Can’t imagine being related to a contestant on this show, or any other elimination show, for that matter. Being told, on the air, that you aren’t good enough… ugh! And being a judge that has to say that? Maybe worse.

  5. I liked the Voice the first season. I am tired of seeing Christina’s boobs hanging out. I am so glad to see her new look. She looks so much better. I like the premise behind the show saying it is based on talent and not looks. However, I think that can be negated whenthe judges get to eliminate people from their teams. I think the show should have people behind a screen singing and letting the judges an the public vote strictly on voice. People become biased when they see you Teenage girls will vote for a hot singer who may not be as good as an older man. I think judging based strictly on the actual voice should not have looks involved at al until the final show.