Nina Dobrev Talks ‘Vampire Diaries’ And New Film ‘Let’s Be Cops’

The Vampire Diaires’ star, Nina Dobrev, sat with press at Comic-Con 2014 to discuss her upcoming projects. She explains, not only the difficulty of going from drama to comedy, but also what to expect for 1/3 of our favorite vampire trio. Check out what Dobrev had to say below!

Can you tell us something about your new movie coming out?

Nina Dobrev: Yeah! It’s called Let’s Be Cops. It comes out in two weeks, I believe. It’s a comedy for Fox, which is really cool! I was stoked to be onset and laughing for once, not crying. The Vampire set is very heavy, especially my stuff, so it was nice to not be doing that. To take a break, you know? It makes you appreciate your hometown when you leave for awhile and come back and sleep in your own bed, like ‘ugh thank god, I’m back!’ You know? It was a good little experience and I’m happy to be home again.

Do you feel it was more difficult to make people laugh than cry?

Nina Dobrev: Yes, for sure! Especially because you eventually get used to something. It’s easy for me, I know the characters so well with Elena and Katherine and Amara. I know them all so well, so it was definitely scary. I’m a perfectionist, I always want to be the best at whatever I do, so I put pressure on myself. And then I realized that the more pressure you put on yourself the more pressure you put on anything especially in comedy, the worse it’ll be. You have to just let go and just listen and react. When you’re natural, sh*t just happens that’s funny. That stupid sh*t happens and people laugh.

Will Elena go back to college next season? And what can you tell us about her state of mind?

Nina Dobrev: Yeah. She’s very She’s crazy. I mean, not crazy, but you wonder about her state of mind, because she has a very interesting and confusing way of dealing with this particular death.

Can you also talk about her relationship with Jeremy?

Nina Dobrev: Jeremy is in Mystic Falls, because he’s not a supernatural, but Elena is so she can’t go back to Mystic Falls. They’re separated at the moment. She’s trying to be like a mother-figure again, but he’s older so he’s not really putting up with it.

Check back this week for more coverage on The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and more from San Diego Comic-Con 2014!


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