Fox Cancels ‘Alcatraz’ And ‘The Finder’, Adds 5 New Series For Fall

Fox has cancelled Alcatraz and The Finder and added 5 new series to their 2012-2013 primetime line-up! Chuck‘s Zachary Levi’s half hour comedy pilot for the network Let It Go is now dead as well. New series joining the line-up include:

  • Kevin Williamson’s new thriller, titled The Following, tells the story of a deranged serial killer played by James Purefoy. Thanks to the wonders of technology, he creates his own cult of murderers, and Kevin Bacon plays a retired FBI profiler who is tracking him down. The pilot filmed in Atlanta last month. No word yet if the series will continue to film there.
  • The Office‘s Mindy Kaling’s new project titled It’s Messy. Kaling will play a Bridget Jones-esque character who is an OB/GYN trying to figure out and balance both her personal and professional life. Kaling will be departing The Office this season.
  • The Mob Doctor follows a doctor working for the mafia in Chicago.
  • Ben & Kate is a single camera comedy that tells the story of a single uptight mother whose brother moves in – in order to help her raise her daughter.
  • From the master minds of How I Met Your Mother comes The Goodwin Games which is a comedy about three siblings who are have to reconnect in order to inherit their recently-passed father’s estate. The series stars Scott Foley and Jake Lacy.

Fox is schedule to present their 2012-2013 line-up on Monday to advertisers. More information on the new lineup will be available then! We’ll keep you posted with all the network’s Upfront presentations next week!

Let us know your thoughts on Fox’s decisions for the fall!


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  1. I’m so disappointed in FOX. They really didn’t give The Finder a chance. Its been fun to watch and really finding its self these last few episodes. I heard the finale is awesome. Not to knock Fringe, but what did Fox expect by putting it there? Fringe was no real partner. They could have tried 13 episodes an paired it with Bones.

    Ugh I can’t believe FOX didn’t pickup Let It Go. Where is the Zac love? 🙁 I wanted to see that show sooo bad!

  2. I tuned in to Alcatraz as well, but I was a bit disappointed on the storyline. I never really got hooked and with new show premieres found myself slowly tuning it out of my DVR until I missed a couple episodes and decided to give up on it. To be honest, FOX shows have never really had me ‘hook, line, & sinker’, and I’m not too thrilled about four out of five of the new shows they’re proposing – however, that name – Kevin Williamson – is the light among the darkness and I am overly excited to tune in and see what type of show The Following will turn out to be. Kevin Williamson gets a lot of respect from me, and all the new shows I tune into get at least a three-episode chance – so let’s hope The Following pulls me in by the third episode! The storyline is interesting in itself – sort of a ‘what would Charles Manson do if he had gotten his hands on technology’ sort of show I’m guessing/hoping?!

  3. i feel the same way Mel. i wish another network would pick up these shows. fox clearly doesn’t know what to do with good shows other than cancel them.

  4. I agree Mel and Jen what is FOX thinking. Hopefully they will get picked up by some other station. It seams that when we get good shows that they don’t get the rating that the networks hope for and they don’t really give them a chance.

    Who knows one of the new shows coming out we may find that we will really like.

  5. Any word on “Napoleon Dynamite”?? I know last fall Fox only ordered 6 episodes—and they’ve since aired. Will it be back or did it get axed? Anyone know for sure? Thanks!

  6. Monster_A_GoGo, I don’t think it has yet to be confirmed as to cancelled or renewed. However, I’m thinking it will likely be cancelled considering reviews stated that a large percentage tuned out before the second episode of Napoleon Dynamite aired.

  7. Oh well… The fact that “Napoleon Dynamite” even became a series was mind blowing. Who had ever really heard of it? Not many. I wouldn’t be surprised if it is toast…

  8. The majority of the shows that I watch are being cancelled. How sad. Guess I’ll be switching to other channels. I think Fox and CBS may have lost me. They took away CSI:Miame, The Finder, Alcatraz, and from what I understand Touch will be next. Sorry guys, you just lost me.