Julie Plec Talks ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Relationships in Season 6

Julie Plec, executive producer of hit CW drama The Vampire Diaries, sat down to speak to the press about what to expect in Season 6, while dropping some hints about what new turns the relationships between the residents of Mystic Falls (and beyond) will take.

The cast and production crew are all well aware of the intensity of the TVD fandom, especially when it comes to their ‘ships. When it came to what relationship details she could tease, Julie revealed, “Something that we’re real excited about is seeing Tyler in a new dynamic with somebody. One of the fun things that’s happened over the four months is that he and Elena have actually become buddies, like really good buddies. So seeing him have like a girl-friend, like he used to have with Caroline before they got together is really enjoyable. And then seeing him kind of have the hots for somebody, not Elena, but have the hots for somebody and develop a romance for him. He hasn’t really had a romance since Caroline, you know and they’ve come back to a good place with each other, so it’s time for him to find something for himself.”

Find out what else she had to say, including her thoughts on that Delena kiss in the rain that so many of you have been hoping for, in the full interview below!

More coverage from Comic-Con 2014 to come as we post our interviews!

Interview Video/Photo Credit: Emma Loggins


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  1. It says interview credit to “Emma Loggins” but I hear multiple voices in the interview? Which questions did Emma actually ask????

    1. The interview video and photo was taken by me. We were at at table with 8 reporters so we get roughly a question each. FanBolt’s for this was which relationships Julie could tease since we knew we wouldn’t have time to ask individual questions for each of the shipper fan groups. We decided to let Julie make that choice for us 🙂