What Does The Future Hold For Tom And Anne On ‘Falling Skies’?

One of the major questions that Falling Skies fans were left with last season was what the future looked like for Tom and Anne. Would they ultimately end up together? Would Tom even return from the spaceship that he boarded in the Season 1 finale? According to Noah Wyle (who plays Tom Mason), Tom and Anne fans are in luck in Season 2.

“Last year we showed that there was a great chemistry between the two characters,” Wyle explains “But the practical demands of the day sort of kept them apart. And that’s how we didn’t a nice job sort of slowly building to that one moment of intimacy at the end when he entrusts his kids to her care and drives off on what could be a suicide mission.”

With the clock reset in Season 2, is there more hope? The season opens 3 months since Tom boarded the spaceship, and it’s only logical that Anne thinks that Tom is dead.

“She’s assumed that he’s dead, he’s assumed that she’s dead. And all the inherent complications about opening your heart up once it’s been destroyed, give them a little bit of an obstacle to have to get passed,” Wyle reveals, “But ultimately we end up sort of together.”

That’s all the insight into Tom and Anne that we could get from Noah, but as Tom/Anne fans ourselves – we’re pretty happy with that! Be sure to tune into the season 2 premiere of Falling Skies tonight on TNT!


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