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What Will Happen On The Season Finale Of ‘Revenge’?

What Will Happen On The Season Finale Of ‘Revenge’?


After last night’s episode, fans can’t help but ask… What is going to happen on the season finale of Revenge? Jack Porter raised a valid question in last night’s shocking and tear-jerking episode. Where DO we go now?

We’re just six days away from the season finale, and from the looks of the teaser trailer – we haven’t seen anything yet! The cast also teased “a major explosion” at this week’s ABC Upfronts Party. Will there be a possible shift in love interests in the steamy triangle of Emily (Emily VanCamp), Daniel (Josh Bowman) and Jack (Nick Wechsler)? Based on tonight’s episode – anything is possible.

Mike Kelly had confirmed to press that Season 2 would start out with Emily’s wedding, but Josh Bowman isn’t exactly sure who she’s going to be marrying.

“I really don’t know who that’s to.” Bowman says referencing the wedding, “I really don’t.”

So what type of cliffhangers can we expect to see next Wednesday night? Lots according to Emily VanCamp.

“There are multiple cliffhangers.” Emily VanCamp teased. “We read the script and our jaws were just dropping.”

“I think the audience is going to be in for a major shock.” Madeleine Stowe (who plays Victoria) revealed.”Let’s just say there’s going to a major explosion.”

Take a look at the teaser trailer for next week’s Revenge finale below!

Perhaps the better question is what does Victoria have in store? Her last scene in the episode last night led viewers to believe that she knows exactly what she’s doing. Don’t expect her love for her son to make her too soft. That’s just not Victoria’s style.

Will you be watching the season finale of Revenge next week? Sound off in our comment section and let us know your predictions! Are you pulling for Emily and Jack, or do you think it’s just wishful thinking? Let us know your opinion!

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  1. LOVE Emily and Daniel together. They are such a beautiful couple. I like Jack but more for Emily’s Big Brother type. Really like Conrad and wish he wasn’t such a BAD man. The suspense is killing me. Nolan is everyone’s all time favorite and CAN’T be killed off the show. Em’s has to come through for him after all he has helped her with. This just keeps getting better and better. I LOVE IT! 😉

  2. Yeah if they kill Nolan they’re going to have a very unhappy fanbase on their hands. haha 🙂 I’m just trusting that Emily will save the day!

  3. I ship Emily/Daniel, but I guess Emily/Jack are supposed to be the “endgame couple” since it feels like the writers are shoving them down our throats (which I hate)

  4. i totally love Em and Dan but those feelings tha ems have for jack are strong.. id love to see this couple together .. i mean jack is more man than dan.. dont get me wrong.. dan is more handsome but thats not all.. hmmm that would be a BIG BIG triangle.. love to see em + jack together!!

  5. After the way Dan was with Emily last night I’m not sure how big of a fan I am of the two of him. Grabbing her phone away from her? I mean come on. Not that Emily isn’t up to stuff… but still 🙂 Jack treats her with more respect in my opinion. I’m definitely a Emily and Jack shipper on the show… but you know in real life… Daniel and Emily are together 😉


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