Joseph Morgan Talks ‘The Originals’: Will Klaus Ever Find Redemption?

Joseph Morgan who plays the role of Klaus on The Originals sat down with press at San Diego Comic Con 2014 to discuss his character, favorite TV shows, and what to expect during season 2.

Morgan, who recently wed Vampire Diaries costar, Persia White, opened up about his role. He first explains that there is a four month time jump and he reveals that Klaus has “locked himself away in the compound, he’s like a caged animal. He’s kind of boiling with rage, but he hasn’t made a move yet. He’s biding his time awaiting for the right moment to make a move- So he’s been painting, which is a form of control.”

Last season, Klaus ended up battling it out with the Witches of New Orleans to save his daughter, Hope. In the end, he succeeded, but had to give his daughter to his sister, Rebekah for safety.

To find out what else is to come for the Mikaelson family, check out our interview below!

Joseph Morgan Talks ‘The Originals’

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