‘Teen Wolf’ Star Holland Roden Shares Thoughts on Lydia’s Wardrobe, What Feels Sexy to Her and More in ‘Seventeen’

Teen Wolf actress Holland Roden, known for playing banshee Lydia Martin on the hit MTV show, wrote a heartfelt first-person for piece for Seventeen about how, although her character may not mind showing a bit of skin, feeling sexy doesn’t necessarily equate to amount of clothing (or lack thereof) that one wears.

In the essay, Holland touches on finding her personal style, how she really feels about Lydia’s wardrobe and more.

When it came to the issue of discovering her personal style when she was younger Holland said, “When my friends and I were shopping for a Saturday night out, I would try on the things they picked out: bandage skirts, low-cut tanks, and heels. It was fun at first… until I realized I was tugging at my skirt every five seconds, trying to make sure I wasn’t exposing my butt. What bothered me more than that was feeling like everyone was looking at me—it was like I was putting my body out there just for guys to stare at. But even though I knew overtly sexy wasn’t my style, I didn’t realize there were other ways to look and feel hot, so I kept dressing that way.”

So how does she feel about Lydia’s risque wardrobe on Teen Wolf? “On Teen Wolf my character, Lydia, is always decked out in stilettos and push-up bras. She likes using her assets to get attention, but doing that every day at work just confirmed how much I hate it. Wearing things that made me uncomfortable every single day led to an epiphany. I may not be able to change the costumes I wear for my job, but I can change what I wear after hours.”

While Holland may not be too into Lydia’s sexy outfits, when it comes to feeling sexy she knows that, “For some girls, tight clothes make them feel like they can take on the world—and that’s fine too. But I don’t think that sexy only means showing skin: It’s all about wearing whatever makes you feel the most badass.”

We totally agree with you there, Holland!

You can read more from Holland in the September issue of Seventeen, in stores now!

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