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Home TV Christine Opens Up To Robyn About Jealousy Issues On Tonight’s
Christine Opens Up To Robyn About Jealousy Issues On Tonight’s

Christine Opens Up To Robyn About Jealousy Issues On Tonight’s


Christine finally opens up to Robyn on tonight’s brand new episode of Sister Wives. During the past two episodes, viewers have seen Christine reference her relationship issues with Kody, but tonight Christine tries to fix things with the newest wife, Robyn.

While Kody was courting Robyn, Christine was pregnant and at home with the other wives. It’s not hard to understand the intense jealousy that she references feeling when Robyn joined the family. Robyn is emotional of the news as well as Christine tells her that it wasn’t her that she had a problem with – it was Kody.

Check out the sneak peek from tonight’s episode below!

Jealousy seems to be one of the biggest issues in a polygamist family, so it’s interesting that TLC is giving us a look at this issue directly. I only wish they would tackle more of the underlying questions that viewers have about this lifestyle – Such as how do they afford such a large family? The episode they did last season touching on the financial challenges of this lifestyle just barely grazed the surface, and didn’t really answer that many questions for viewers. I hope that as season 3 continues to progress that we can expect to see more of these challenging issues being tackled – because how to deal with things such as jealousy among 4 wives… this is what viewers are really curious about.

Will you be watching tonight’s brand new episode of Sister Wives? Is it a guilty pleasure for you like it is for us? What are your biggest questions about the polygamist lifestyle that you would like to see the series tackle? Let us know your thoughts about the series below!

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  1. I was very happy to see Robin and Christine share their feelings with each other and i think that they will have a better relationship. I just have to say i love the show and admire all the sister wives and Kody. He is so good to the children and to all the wives. I think the family is better then alot of so called traditional families.

  2. Traci – I was too. This show and family continues to fascinate me. The family seems to happy and strong – definitely better than a lot of traditional families. The lifestyle isn’t for me, but I can see and understand the appeal of it and having such a large family and support system. I think the Browns are an exceptional family and representation of this lifestyle. I just wish the show would tackle more of the actual questions that I have about their lifestyle.


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