Nina Dobrev Talks New Film ‘Let’s Be Cops’ + Premiere Gallery

Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev’s new movie, Let’s Be Cops hits theaters today! The starlet, who looked absolutely stunning at the film’s LA premiere last week, recently spoke with us about her work on the film and how excited she was to be laughing on set, and not crying for a change.

“I was stoked to be onset and laughing for once, not crying,” Nina laughed. “The Vampire set is very heavy, especially my stuff, so it was nice to not be doing that. To take a break, you know? It makes you appreciate your hometown when you leave for awhile and come back and sleep in your own bed, like ‘ugh thank god, I’m back!’ You know? It was a good little experience and I’m happy to be home again.”

Nina admitted that she actually found it more difficult to make people laugh than cry after her work on CW’s The Vampire Diaries.

“It’s easy for me, I know the characters so well with Elena and Katherine and Amara. I know them all so well, so it was definitely scary. I’m a perfectionist, I always want to be the best at whatever I do, so I put pressure on myself. And then I realized that the more pressure you put on yourself– the more pressure you put on anything– especially in comedy, the worse it’ll be. You have to just let go and just listen and react. When you’re natural, sh*t just happens that’s funny. That stupid sh*t happens and people laugh.” Nina revealed.

Take a look at Nina’s stunning red carpet look at the premiere last week – which was hosted at the ArcLight Hollywood Theaters.

Nina Dobrev at the Let’s Be Cops premiere

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