Michael Cera Pulls a Beyoncé, Releases Surprise Album-Listen Now!

Michael Cera took a page out of Queen Bey’s book and dropped a completely unexpected album overnight.

The actor released an 18 track album on August 8th, titled true that , which includes tracks titled “Humdrummin,’ and “Sexy Danger.” Initial reviews of the album have called it “twee,” melancholy” and “folky,” with some even calling it “adorable.”

Cera’s friend Jonah Hill tweeted about the album’s release yesterday, encouraging fans to buy:

While this is Cera’s first full album, he’s no stranger to music. Cera preformed “Anyone Else But You” with Ellen Page in Juno, sang backup vocals Weezer’s “Hang On” and was in a band called The Long Goodbye. Not to mention the man played Scott Pilgrim, leader of the Sex Bob-Ombs.

You can listen to all of true that right now!

Photo Credit: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com


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