Mads Mikkelson Cast As ‘Hannibal’ Lead

NBC has reportedly found its cannibal. NBC has cast Mads Mikkelson (Casino Royale, Thor 2) as Hannibal Lector in their upcoming TV series Hannibal. Mikkelson will star opposed Hugh Dancy, who will play FBI agent Will Graham.

Bryan Fuller is executive producing and writing the series, with David Slade directing the pilot.

We’ll keep you posted on Hannibal as more news surfaces!

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  1. I’m sure this will crash and burn—but I’m super curious about this. Does it take place before the films (and after Hannibal Rising)? Or in between films…or is it just using the character and ignoring the films???

  2. It’s actually supposed to take place before Red Dragon (which was before Silence of the Lambs). Will Graham was an FBI agent and at the time Hannibal Lector was a respected Psychiatirst that helped Graham profile criminals. Graham eventually realizes that Lector is a serial killer and cannibal and catches him. The show will be about their worki and relationship before anybody realized Hannibal was a criminal murderer.