‘Sam & Cat’ Star Jennette McCurdy Launches New Web Series ‘What’s Next for Sarah?’

Jennette McCurdy has written a web series loosely based on her experience of growing up in the TV industry.

The Sam & Cat star, 22, has been acting since the age of eight and found fame on teen TV series iCarly, which ran from 2007 until 2012. McCurdy reprised her character Sam in a spin-off alongside Ariana Grande last year, but it was canceled after one series following rumours of a feud between McCurdy and Grande, as well as show bosses.

The actress has now launched her own web series, titled What’s Next For Sarah, which she has written, produced and starred in.

Sarah’s story is loosely based on McCurdy’s – the character found fame on a TV show and is now unsure what to do with her life.

McCurdy tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I wanted What’s Next for Sarah to be a light-hearted call-out to some of the more absurd experiences I’ve faced growing up in the entertainment industry… My goal was to exaggerate some of the more classic Hollywood archetypes – the phony reporter, the insincere agent, the duplicitous casting director – and heighten them to a surreal extent that we can all laugh at…

“I saw What’s Next for Sarah as a creative opportunity for me to try my hand at more behind-the-scenes aspects of entertainment and learn more about the production process as a whole.”

Four episodes have been launched on the show’s website.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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