‘Scandal’ Creator Shonda Rhimes Chats with ‘Marie Claire’

Shonda Rhimes is responsible for bringing us quality tv programming such as Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy, as well as the soon-to-premiere How to Get Away with Murder, and she took some time out of her crazy busy schedule to share some lesser known facts about herself with Marie Claire.

Here’s an excerpt from her interview, where she reveals details about herself that probably aren’t on her IMDB page, but are fascinating nonetheless:

Best career advice: “My father told me that the only limits to your success are in your own imagination.”

Early in my career, I wish someone had told me: “That relaxing my hair was a bad idea.”

Afternoon pick-me-up: “I’m very beverage-oriented. I drink a constant supply of Starbucks iced green tea until about 5 p.m. Then I
switch to a lovely glass of wine.”

Career highlight: “Having three shows from Shondaland air on one night on one network. Owning Thursday night on ABC this fall is incredibly exciting!”

The first dollar I earned: “I was 16 and had been volunteering at the local hospital. One day, I wanted a miniskirt and a hot-pink, off-the-shoulder top (it was the ‘80s, and I wanted to look like Madonna). My mother told me that I could wear trashy clothes when I had my own money. So I got a job scooping ice cream Baskin-Robbins.”

You can read the rest of her interview when you pick up the September issue of Marie Claire, available on newsstands nationwide August 19, or head on over to the Marie Claire website!

Photo Credit:Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

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  1. I think Shonda Rhime emasculates all her male characters. She makes all her female characters immoral sluts but career strong.
    This pattern is seen in all her shows.