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‘Sister Wives’ Open Up On The Tough Questions About Polygamy

‘Sister Wives’ Open Up On The Tough Questions About Polygamy


Tonight’s Sister Wives is the mid-season finale for the TLC series. Following the episode, TLC is airing another special based on the family entitled Sister Wives Tell All. The special features an interview where NBC News’ Natalie Morales doesn’t hold back in asking the tough and – to Kody – somewhat offensive questions. Such as, has Kody ever been a womanizer and is that why he chose polygamy?

From their new book, life in Vegas, to the personality conflicts that nearly split up the family, the Brown family puts all the same stuff on the table again that they have in previous interviews. However, this go around, we’ll also get to see the five oldest children talk about growing in the family and how it has effected them.

Take a look at a sneak peek at tonight’s Sister Wives below.

The one question that I (and I feel like most viewers) still have is about their finances. Now they have all these business ventures that they’re embarking on – a new book, a gym, Sister Wives closet, real estate, etc… But before the series Sister Wives made this possible, I want to know how they afforded such a large family. How they created a budget that worked for the family…. If fiances have played a row in the family growth (again before the series). Then there’s also the issues of jealousy which the family never dives too deeply into. They want to keep things pleasant – which I understand – but these are the questions that real people have about their lifestyle that they continue to not address.

We’ll see if tonight’s Sister Wives special addresses any of these. But we would love to know – what questions do you want to see the Brown family answer? Sound off in our comment section below!

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  1. I do watch sister Wives, and am interested in plural marriage dynamic. The question that keeps coming up in my mind, is how does the family manage financially since Meri is the only legally married wife. Do all the others get some kind of assistance for their housing and food and medical for themselves and their children, or, do they have full time jobs and balance out with some kind of assistance? They look like they are pretty well cared for and so do the wives.

  2. Because of the housing situation, why don’t you build one big house with four wings and a main living room and dining area. That way every wife has their own space but under the same roof. Might be cheaper than 4 houses.

  3. Hi, not a question..just wanting to say..I knew nothing of your lifestyle and family. Having watch all of you from your shows beginning…I am a believer in diversity, our country should learn better to embraces each others difference…and celebrate such! Always, Me

  4. Same question as Pat posted, but also curious – seems like everyone has new cars but there’s lots of talk about financial angst, and that doesn’t make sense to me.


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