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T.I. Speaks Out on Ferguson Unrest

T.I. Speaks Out on Ferguson Unrest


Atlanta rapper and respected member of the hip-hop community T.I. has joined calls for peaceful protests in the Missouri town of Ferguson amid escalating violence among demonstrators.

A number of stars, including Nelly, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs and rapper J. Cole, have spoken out in a bid to quell tensions in the area following the death of teenager Michael Brown, who was gunned down as he attempted to surrender to police.

The incident has prompted violent clashes with law enforcement officers, and hip-hop star Nelly, who hails from the local area, even traveled to Ferguson on Monday to lead a rally.

Now T.I. has joined the ranks of celebrities wading into the debate over the issues facing Ferguson, posting two lengthy rants on his Instagram page urging locals to use peaceful protests to get their point across to authorities.

The caption reads:

“Look at us… America has created a monster… We’d rather use the tragedies of our environment as an excuse to act-out, go-off, or turn-up, rather than use our education, talents & future opportunities to get-out, speak-up, & make-a-change (sic)… We’ve gone into ‘F**k-it’ mode… ‘F**k-the-world’ ‘F**k-the-Police’ And even ‘F**k the wishes & request of a grieving mother, father, family who lost a son’… who’s (whose) memory they would not like to see tarnished by our negative actions/decisions…

“That ain’t the code, this ain’t da (the) way (sic). What I see us doing is just as futile as swinging wildly into the wind, waiting on the air to get tired… What are we changing… Really? Look at us. Destroying our own community, but continuing to spend money in theirs. Refusing education… revolving in the same cycle of ignorance instead of evolving out of it. I must admit that I too am disgusted wit (with) America’s treatment. I too demand change. But Goddddaaaaamn (sic) man…. Look at us!!!!!… Insanity is… Going about things the same way, expecting a different result. U (you) wanna different result? U must take different action. What else do u expect? Look at us!!!”

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