Can Nick’s Mother Be Trusted On ‘Grimm’?

NBC’s Grimm premiered its second season last night! Nick, Monroe and the gang are back after what has been a long summer for fans! Who else is also back…. Nick’s mother. Can she be trusted? That’s one of the big questions that fans were left with after last night’s premiere. We have a couple Grimm Season 2 clips for you below to get you back into the groove with one of our favorite series!

First up, Nick’s mom is no stranger to Aunt Marie’s trailer, as she explores her old stomping grounds, she lets Nick in on some Grimm secrets.

And secondly, the race is on to save Juliette!

If you missed last night’s premiere, no worries – you can view it online at NBC’s site here.

What did you think of last night’s Grimm premiere? Can Nick’s mother be trusted? Sound off in our comment section below and let us know your opinion!


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